We’ve been working with Brittax on a BOB Sport Utility Stroller review for a good few months now.  I have explained how it got its nickname The Beast, shared tips on exercising with the stroller and have praised it no end on Twitter and Facebook for the way it has slotted perfectly into our busy family life.

BOB Sport Utility Stroller review

You see this BOB Sport is more than just a running buggy, in fact i’d say only 30% of my use for it is exercise based, this had become my everyday, and most favorite ever, stroller.


BOB Sport Utility Stroller review

The beauty of it is its versatility, there is nowhere it can’t go. Sand? not a problem. Steep hill? easy peasy. Mud? child’s play.  It’s like an off-road, 4X4, beast that also looks sleek in the city.  The Ranger Rover of the buggy world if you will.

I have taken my BOB Sport Utility Stroller on tour with me this summer. It has been to Camp Bestival, Cornwall, countless National Trust places, days out at the beach, forest walks, farms, and goodness knows how many other places. I’m almost sad now that Baby Essex is a baby no more, O is wanting to walk everywhere now, I feel our days together with the BOB may be numbered.  I really will be sad to see it go, it has become a friend to me. A trusty sidekick, there to support me no matter the weather or terrain.

No adventure is too much for my BOB. He’s my best friend.

20131023-130615.jpg 20131023-130603.jpg 20131023-130554.jpg

If you have been tempted by this BOB Sport Utility Stroller review and would like more information please visit the BOBgear website.

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2 Thoughts on “BOB Sport Utility Stroller Review – BOB On Tour

  1. suzanne3childrenandit on October 24, 2013 at 8:39 pm said:

    I still can’t believe how much ‘strollers’ have come in the last 9 years (the age of my youngest). Looks functional and funky with it!

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