He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice….

….and he’s realised its three days before the big day and he has forgotten someone!

Don’t panic Santa, An Essex Wife is here with her Top 3 Wooden Toys that can still be ordered or collected ready for the big day.

Melissa & Doug Pizza (ToysRUs)


We love this pizza here at Essex HQ. The tidying up of it may set my OCD tendencies off slightly, but the way it teaches the girls sorting and separating is fab. Plus the placement of the toppings on the pizza is excellent for their fine motor skills, and the toy itself is great as part of our restaurant and take-away role play.

Wooden Till (Tesco)

When buying toys for the girls I have always gone for wooden where possible. Having two girls means most toys we have will go though two childhoods, so I feel the sturdy wooden toys are an investment worth making. I struggled a few Christmases back when S fist got her tea shop to find a wooden till I liked to go with it, but this year Tesco have come up trumps!


Brio Walker Trolley (Amazon)

At their grandparents the girls have a Brio walker trolley that, even now the orders girls in the family are almost 6, is still one of the most played with toys they have.
The trolley is so wonderfully bright, and the primary colours are not only gender neutral (fab for mixed siblings) but also a lovely break for all the pink that fills my life.
This trolley have survived 6 years, 4 children, countless first steps and lots of attempts to ride it like a scooter and is still going strong. A great investment for a Baby’s First Christmas Present.


There are plenty of other wooden toys out there that are just as lovely, but these three have all been special gifts in the past for us….and therefore they come highly recommended.

Merry Christmas!

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