Our Special Place

I watch too many American sitcoms.

I’m not actually a big fan of television, but if I’m bored/tired/hangover and stuck to the sofa, then its always the same 3 shows I reach for; Friends, Modern Family or SATC.

These shows have taught my a lot. The characters have become my friends, their lives have been mine. To some that will sound crazy, but I know others will understand. I dreamt of finding my prince like Charlotte York, I had bad dates and bad jobs a plenty. These shows havent over inflated my expectations of life, they have mirrored the comings and goings of my own.

There has always just been one thing missing to complete my sitcom set-up. I never had a ‘special place’. My ‘Central Perk’ if you will. I’ve always liked the idea of having somewhere that I felt an attachment too, somewhere I would return to time and time again.  I had just never found the perfect place.

Well that was until now…


It may not be a fancy restaurant, or a buzzing bakery, but its special to us. The park that hosts this forest is a busy one, but many can’t see past the adventure playground and courtyard cafe. They miss the true beauty of the woods. The magical allure of this natural playground.

This is our special place……no reservations needed.


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7 thoughts on “Our Special Place

  1. Grenglish

    Looks lovely! I have a few special places that remind me of different people, where just being there makes me happy. One of them is a restaurant – I have only ever eaten there to celebrate something so always reminds me of happy times. Another place is Embankment – I fall in love with London a little bit more every time I see it and I have no idea why!

    1. AnEssexWife Post author

      I love embankment too – I always stand and remember Rob running past towards the marathon and the overwhelming pride I felt x

  2. lucy at dear beautiful

    Ahhh, I think it’s lovely that you have a “special place” that you just love going to as a family. We have a couple that never disappoint us for family outings whatever the weather. So nice to have. X

    1. AnEssexWife Post author

      Lovely to have a place you can always rely on – i dream of going back there when the girls are grown up, a place to take the grandchildren and reminisce x

  3. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    What a beautiful ‘special place’, natures playground is free and welcomes everyone! I hope you had a fab time exploring and having fun. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.


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