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Sometimes I get some very fun tasks on this blog…and today is no exception!

As you may or may not known the ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup is currently taking place in Australia and New Zealand and I have been asked to come up with a recipe relating to one of the countries taking part.

Now as a huge sports fan family this exciting cricket event is one we wont be missing, and there is nothing like a little cheeky treat to enjoy at the same time. So thank to the delicious African cacao beans grown in Zimbabwe I give you our very special Chilli Chocolate Pots. Read More →

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Back in the day (I’m showing my age by even just using this phrase) Faces Nightclub in Gants Hill was where it was AT! Everyone wanted to be seen there. From C-list to even sometimes A-list, Faces has had its fair share of famous types through the door, and, as a (former) good time girl, it was the ONLY place I wanted to spend my weekends.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday (Saturday was always West End or local bar) I would be there, Gold membership in hand, ready to dance the night away.

Then, just after I turned 24, I met a boy, had a baby, bought a house and realised that my clubbing days were on hold. Not over, not by a long stretch, just on hold.

I moved areas, and my old stomping ground was too far away to get back to for a night out. Where I live now wasn’t the best in terms of nightlife until the last year or so. All we had before then were a handful of bars, few pubs and a sticky floored nightclub (Chinawhite it was not!)

Then I heard a rumour, Read More →

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Peppers Stuffed with Fennel Risotto and Rosemary Potatoes

I love food. Just as men think about sex every three seconds, I think about food! This is why I will never be thin.

Due to this love affair I am hater of food waste, I flat out refuse to throw anything away that could be eaten again. In addition to using up left-over’s saving us money on our shopping bills, I actually enjoy the challenge of deciding how best to use the previous night food to make lunch the next day.

#LoveYourLeftOvers Read More →

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Summer is all about fresh, exciting food at Essex HQ.  After finally convincing The Essex Husband that a salad can actually be a meal I have been on an ever-lasting quest to find new way to liven up the humble slad into an exciting family meal.

One such fab addition to our salads are these delicious Balsamic Glazed Roasted Chilli Tomatoes. These Balsamic Glazed Roasted Chilli Tomatoes are the perfect accomiant to a simple green salad, and taste all the more amazing when sprinkled with some feta cheese just before serving. Read More →

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Deep Fried Egg with Pancetta and Endive Salad

Lisa Faulkner, winner of Celebrity MasterChef, has been getting her hands dirty in the kitchen again. She has created this great Deep Fried Egg with Pancetta and Endive Salad, made using Eggs for Soldiers – a Help for Heroes endorsed product that donates 15p from every pack sold to the charity, and i’m the lucky one who gets to share it with you all!

Deep Fried Egg with Pancetta and Endive Salad

Serves 4


  • 4 large eggs, plus 2 beaten eggs
  • 100g plain flour
  • 100g Japanese panko breadcrumbs
  • Vegetable oil for deep frying Read More →
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summer drinks for all the family

With the World Cup and warmer weather finally upon us, it is time to dust off the BBQ and crack open some summer drinks for all the family. No matter if you are looking for an alcholic treat for a hot summers day, or a child friendly juice to pack for a picnic or lunchbox, we have something for everyone in this great summer drinks for all the family guide.

Summer Drinks For All The Family

For The Grown Ups…Wyld Wood Cider

This traditional cider, hailing from fruit grown in Herefordshire’s organic orchards, is deliciously crisp and fresh.  Thanks to it’s journey to full maturity in old oak vats, Westons Wyld Wood cider has a truly appley, fresh and full-bodied taste with a ripe aroma – a true celebration of nature in a glass. Available to buy nationwide in major supermarkets and independent shops and also online from the Westons cider online shop.

Wyld Wood will also be the official Read More →

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Last weekend we were invited down to check out the great Kids Eat Free At Maze London offer. Here is how we got on…

I see London as one big adventure.  30 years of living only a train ride away and magic still hasn’t worn off.  If I am ever feeling down or uninspired, a walk though London, come rain or shine, never fails to pick me up and deliver me right back to my happy place safe and sound.

Since the girls came along London has been viewed through fresh eyes.  The wonder and magic of this big city was reborn with them. Every visit is new, exciting, fresh.

Walking through the street of London you can Read More →

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I do love a good stuffed pepper recipe. They are great for a lunchtime snack, or to accompany a main meal in the evening.  Simple to make, and perfect for fitting a few of your 5-a-day.

Spinach And Couscous Stuffed Pepper Recipe

To make two spinach and couscous stuffed peppers you will need Read More →

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This month has seen he launch a the new Tesco meat free range is stores across the country and I have been tasked with the super hard job of testing out the new items (my life is so unbearable at times).

I am a huge fan of meat free eating and have purchased from the existing Tesco meat free range many times before (I can never get my homemade burgers to taste as good as their spicy bean ones) so I was very excited about seeing what was new in store.

New Tesco Meat Free Range

My top 3 picks from the new Tesco meat free range are

1. Thai Green Curry Bakes

There are my hands down favourite product in the entire Tesco meat free range.  So much so Read More →

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According to a recent survey 40% of Britons dream of jacking in the day job and setting up their own business, and I can’t say I blame them, it was the best thing I ever done.

20% of those people all have the same dream. Baking.

Baking Dreams With Tate & Lyle

With this in their minds, and sugar in their hearts, Tate & Lyle created a rather tasty new campaign called ‘Bake Your Dreams Come True’. Set up to inspire budding bakers to follow their baking dreams, there are £1million worth of prizes and rewards available to be won, including the top prize of a £5,000 cash reward for up to five baking entrepreneurs to provide financial support to kick-start their baking business.

Up-and-coming bakers can apply Read More →

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