Following our 4 days at Camp Bestival we needed a holiday to recover, and what better place to do that than one of the most beautiful seaside villages in the UK.

Our Holiday In Looe

Looe is a bustling fishing port, with lovely sandy beaches, on the south coast of Cornwall.  With picturesque views and amazingly friendly locals, we couldn’t have picked a better place to visit for out first trip to Cornwall.

We stayed in lovely beach house belonging to a friend of my husband, meaning we had all the home comforts we were craving after 4 nights under canvas and allowing us to feel right at home as soon as we arrived.

Our first impressions of Looe as we arrived, in the pouring rain, at 1am Monday morning may not have been the best. The streets are impossible to drive down unless you are local (you have on average 2 inches of space either side of your car on most roads) and everything is uphill (well its not, but it certainly feels like that at times). But when we awokein the morning to this view…

Our Holiday In Looe…all was forgiven.

We had an action packed week, I guess we’re not really that good at relaxing, full of trips to the beach, boat rides, visits to other villages and good old crabbing.

The girls loved our holiday in Looe. Their squeals of delight each time they saw the sand was magical, and Scarlett’s love of boat rides (especially learning all about the pirates and smugglers that used the caves we saw) was a great glimpse of what further holidays will be like with two action loving children.

This holiday both girls revealed themselves to be somewhat of daredevils. I had many ‘heart in mouth’ moments seeing them hang over the barriers at the sea wall, and I didn’t know where to look when my 4-year-old ‘big’ little girl was scaling the rocks with her Daddy. They are growing up so fast.DSCF7590

For such a small village, Looe has so much to offer both families and couples alike. I cannot wait to return with the girls, but also would love a weekend at our friend’s house just Rob and I. Looe is such a beautifully peaceful place, it would be the perfect location for break to relax an reconnect with each other (I’m an old romantic at heart).

I love that, thanks to this holiday in Looe, without leaving the country we have spent a week at the beach, eating ice-cream, seeing seals, building sand castles and getting a tan – I can’t believe I wasted so many years going abroad, we have all we need here on a door step (well, until it rains!).






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