What is it about this time of year that makes everyone starting thinking of their life plans. Are we on track? Have we kept up with our plan? Could we be doing more?

After a rather difficult year in 2014, I am declaring 2015 the year of smiles and adventures. I want to see new places, try new things and make memories.

It was this kind of thinking that gave birth to #52adventures. I will be posting much more about that over the coming weeks, but in a nutshell I plan to visit one new place a week for all of 2015….a challenge yes, but one I am willing to accept.

I also want to do all the things I have been meaning to get round to….friends to catch up with, day trips to take, languages to learn!

I will make sure I get down to Poole to see one of my oldest friends, visit Scotland as I have never been and book a cruise (apparently they aren’t just for oldies) for the family to have a week away all together.

We’ve been looking at cruises for a while now, it is the perfect combination of The Essex Husbands’s desire to relax on holiday and my need for adventure and sightseeing. Hopefully 2015 will be the year we can make it happen.


Heading out of Southampton there is a lovely cruise from Royal Caribbean that takes you all around Italy (another place I have always wanted to visit) and thanks to the fab Park Stay Go offers from the ideally located Holiday Inn in Southampton, this cruise could really be a win win, and stress free, holiday for us all.

2015 is also going to be the year of saying yes. Taking meetings I may have been nervous about, bidding for jobs that scare me, hobbies I have always fancied trying my hand at…..and finally setting up that book club.

I thought, at the start of the year, turning 30 in 2014 would really scare me….but it turns out 31 is even scarier. I’m in my 30′s, life is speeding by and scared of missing it.

This is the year I make every day count.

This is 2015….and I cannot wait!

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