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Train journey essentials

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones you just run with. No thinking, no worrying, just action. So when I tweeted ‘Does anyone fancy lunch in Paris with me?’, when Eurostar were doing one of their fab seat sales, I was extremely excited to have a ‘Yes!’ straight back from one of my very favourite blogger friends (and in fact now real life friend) Kate.

While I may be a mother, wife and general all round busy bee I am coming round to the idea that actually sometimes I need to take the day off. Escape. Recharge. It’s not me admitting failure, I see that now. It’s just me acknowledging that without a little investment my mind, body and soul will slowly start to fail, and that wouldn’t be any good for any of us! Read More →

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December was a strange month. I thought I was OK, but looking back now I realise I was walking around in a grief induced haze most of the time. For some it must be hard to understand why losing my mother-in-law caused so much pain, but she was my friend, a second mother really…..and my heart is broken and life has changed forever with her passing. So December was hard. Very hard.

The thing about the bad times though is you realise who your friends are, the people who, no matter how infrequently you may see them, show they are thinking if you in the most kindest of ways.

AEW Visits…Cranleigh Golf & Country Club

Mid December, just a few days before the funeral, I put a pin in real life for a while and met up with my wonderful friend (and amazing blogger) Katy for a spa day at Cranleigh Golf & Country Club. I met Katy just 18 moths ago, but in that time Read More →

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What is it about this time of year that makes everyone starting thinking of their life plans. Are we on track? Have we kept up with our plan? Could we be doing more?

After a rather difficult year in 2014, I am declaring 2015 the year of smiles and adventures. I want to see new places, try new things and make memories. Read More →

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Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 09.30.25[1]

I’ve made some fabulous friends since having children, especially since S has stared school.  I may have only known them a few years, but some of these girls are becoming my very best friends.

It started with coffee, then lunches, followed by dinner at each other’s houses and a few drunken nights out….and now we are onto planning a weekend away.

A weekend of no children, no husbands, no work, no stress….no problem!

Well there is just one problem…deciding where to go!  We know we want a nice spa hotel, less than 1.5 hours flight, great food and lots of culture. We also want wine, lots of wine! Read More →

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Things to do in Bath as a family.

With half-term nearly upon us it’s that time where we all start thinking about ways to keep the children amused, while not making the bank manager sweat! Thanks to an unscrupulous client that has only paid me 50% of my final invoice, and a wonderful, yet costly, pre-school taking all my money, this half term is going to have to be a rather low key one.

Alongside our planned day trip to France (hellllo Christmas wine stockpile) and a visit to Bewilderwood for a swing in the trees, we have a little mini break to Bath in the pipeline too.

The best thing about a mini-break? The chance Read More →

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Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 12.24.33

Sometimes I need to take a break from real work and spend time working on my imaginary life.

This ‘imaginary life’ is normally based around something I have been reading, eating or watching on TV.  Living in NYC, escaping to the country or island hopping in Greece with my beautiful family in tow; these have all been recent travelling daydreams of mine.

Traveling Daydreams

I love to explore. Whether that be here in the UK or around the world, life is too short to stay in one place. (As I type Carrie Bradshaw has just arrived in Paris and I’ve made a mental note to google Eurostar prices once I finish this post). I’m easily led and want to see as much of the world as possible, I want to experience as much as I can in this short little life we are given. Read More →

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Gruffalo Woods Brentwood

Now work is getting busier for me and The Essex Husband is back on a Monday-Friday shift pattern, our weekends have become even more precious.  The one just gone we headed down to the Gruffalo Woods Brentwood for a little Essex Gruffalo Hunting.

The Gruffalo Woods Brentwood, set within Thorndon Country Park, is a wonderfully fun adventure for all the family.  It’s not that big of an area to walk around, plus it has recently had the addition of paths in some areas allowing better access for buggies. Costing only £3 for parking, and with no entry fee, it’s a must visit for all Gruffalo loving children. Read More →

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photo 2

I’m raising a pair of geeks, not that I mind….they clearly take after their mother, so when I was asked to take part in the Mecca Bingo‘s Summer Activities Challenge and post about something we have enjoyed doing this summer, a day at a museum was the obvious choice.

Most of our day trips when down in Looe were museum based, but our hands down favourite was The National Maritime Museum Falmouth.  It was amazingly hands on, and so wonderfully informative.  The girls, aged 5 and 2, were engaged from start to finish, and my husband and I found so much to read and learn too. Read More →

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Since children have come along, my travelling desires have had to be curbed slightly to pay for fun things such as nappies! But the one silver lining to my lack of air miles over the past 6 years is the discovery of how beautiful holidays on our fine shore can be.  You don’t even have to go far, my most recent planning obsession is taking a boat along the Lee, past the Olympic Stadium and into London for a weekend canal mini-break.

The River Lee has always been a wonderful place for me.  Many teenage years were spent canoeing there with friends, and now as an adult I have watched my daughters play there with their Grandparents, making lifelong memories on the river bank.

There is something almost overwhelming about the River Lee, Viking longships Read More →

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During our recent visit to the Lake District we took a day trip to the world famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach to find out what Nickelodeon Land was all about!  Such a fun day was had by all.

Nickelodeon Land Blackpool – Best Bits

Set within the six acre site of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Nickelodeon Land is jam packed with  fab rides for all the family. Read More →

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