Sometimes, as much as I love my little family life, it’s nice to get away for a night with just The Essex Husband. Spend some time together, laugh, joke, eat, sleep – just be happy in each other’s company.

Last weekend saw friends of ours get married in Trinity College (poshest wedding ever!!) so we thought we’d make a weekend of it and book a Travelodge for the Saturday night.

Now some may think romantic weekend and Travelodge‘s do not mix – but for us a bedroom is somewhere to sleep. As long as it’s clean, fresh and serves breakfast, I’m happy!!

We arrived
just after midday and had a quick drink before leaving our stuff in safe storage (we hadn’t booked early check in – cheapskates!) and heading off across town to meet our friends.

On arrival at Trinity College we were ushered through a gate that cannot normally be accessed by the general public (very exciting) and into the most amazingly stunning grounds and buildings I have ever seen. Now here is where you would be expecting lots and lots of wonderful photos, however I was so in awe of my surrounds, and having so much fun with my friends, that I forgot to take any! #BadBlogger

My VERY Special Outfit

Now, an event this grand deserves a VERY special outfit don’t you think? Lots of hours scouring the shops, finding the shoes to match the dress and then the bag to finish off the look to perfection. Well that’s how normally people would do it yes, however I decided to take an alternative route and give control of my outfit over to The Essex Husband as part of the SimplyBe styling challenge!

And do you know what? The boy did good! Yes the man who has been know to go out in public looking like this.


What I Wore


Dress | Shoes | Bag

It was the perfect outfit for the occasion, and I’m so impressed with how well he knows me. Big brownie points for him thIs Christmas.

Our Day In Cambridge

Following a very good nights sleep in our Travelodge room (so close to a main road but no noise, and with blackout blinds that would get even the most insomniac of babies to sleep) we awoke to the exciting prospect of a day ‘just us’.

After spending a few hours lazing around our room, and having the novelty of drinking a hot coffee in bed (all rooms come with free tea and coffee) and a lovely hot shower without any small people trying to join me, it was time to get dressed and head outside.

Sadly the weather had conspired against us, and thanks to the cold and rain we managed a mooch round the shops, whistle stop sightseeing tour and a pub lunch before giving up and heading home to see our darling girls.

It may not have been the day we planned, and I may have only taken one photo all weekend – but it was everything I could have wanted. After the hardest few months of our married life we got a chance to put a pin in all the heartache and grief for 24 hours and just enjoy each other’s company. It wasn’t perfect, but to me it was perfection.

And Cambridge? Well that was almost as stunning as my dress!

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