This weekend saw the first camping trip for our little family.

The weather couldn’t have been better, and the location, Waldergaves Family Holiday Park, Essex, was brilliant.  A beachfront holiday-camp style site, only 45 minuets from home.  We had BBQs, swam in the outdoor pool, walked along the beach and just enjoyed being together.  It was my kind of perfection.



The girls, despite only being 1 and 4, took to the concept like a duck to water.  The relief that they share my enthusiasm for sleeping under canvas was immense, I now know my dreams of being a ‘family that festivals’ can come true.

Even my ever reluctant camper of a husband joined in the fun and much to his surprise (and mine) he loved it.


As this weekend trip was a warm-up tip for a our 5 days camping excursion to Camp Bestival in August I cannot begin to explain how pleased am I that it was a success.  The plan was to see what worked and what didn’t, then compile a dossier of ‘must buy’ things I need for future trips. How very organised eh?

Aside from this being a fact-finding mission it was also a chance to relax and unwind, away from the pressure of normal life.  The limited phone reception helped, almost like an enforced switch-off that did us the world of good.  Although the scramble for our phones whenever we ventured over the 3G signal haven of the Clubhouse was hilarious.

I am already itching to get back under canvas, and with a heat wave predicted this weekend, I think I may have to have a little persuasive word in The Essex Husbands ear.



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One Thought on “Our First Camping Trip

  1. Mary Keynko on July 4, 2013 at 7:40 am said:

    So glad they enjoyed it! I love camping – although it rained all the tie we were in York this week! If you fancy something different but still close – this place is lovely although different from Mersea, but not too far! – we used to go all the time!

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