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Something has changed, and while I’m not quite sure what caused it, I’m embracing this new era and rolling with it.

I made no secret of the fact I lost my confidence after O was born, and then last summer, just as it was returning, I took at job at a local magazine only to have the stuffing knocked out of me again by a rather cruel (think Devil wears Prada meets Cruellla De’vil) boss who Read More →

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Theme park season has officially begun, and Thorpe Park is set to make 2015 a year to remember. Launching yesterday (March 26th) Thorpe Park’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Maze is an experience not to be missed.

Thorpe Park 2015: I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Maze 

THORPE PARK Resort has created, in partnership with ITV Studios, the world’s first I’m A CelebrityGet Me Out Of Here Maze. Home to ‘critters’ and jungle trials and set in rainforest temperature mist, camp mates who enter the Maze are greeted by Ant and Dec before navigating through tunnels, crawly corridors and dark caves while keeping their eyes peeled for Bush Tucker Trials to unearth the prized gold stars.


If you had asked me a week ago would I go into a dark, jungle themed maze, then my answer would have been, quite simply, NO! In fact, if you asked me the same question yesterday morning then not much would have changed. But once I got to Thorpe Park and was shown over to the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Maze peer pressure began to take over!

It not that I scare easy (well actually I do but that wasn’t my issue), I have a huge phobia of snakes. Not just live ones; toy ones, photos and even drawings of them have been know to send me into a frantic, breathless panic….so being in a dark, jungle themed, maze, designed with the sole purpose of getting thrill seekers to scream, wasn’t really a very enticing prospect for me to say the least.

My only saving grace was that the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Maze designer was on hand to oversee our tour so after a quick chat with him about the issue, and a strong assurance that Read More →

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The Ideal Home Show 2015 comes to London Olympia this weekend (20th March to 6th April) and we are very excited to be giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky reader.

Ideal Home Show 2015

After attending The Ideal Home Show last spring for the first time we were so impressed that we headed back last November to experience The Ideal Home Show At Christmas too. Such exhibitions attract single mothers who are in search of a partner, but a more successful way is a specialized platform, so lonely wives on LuvTime will definitely find a match with similar interests and they will have someone to go to the same exhibition with.

It’s such a fun way to spend the day, dreaming and scheming about the next grand plans for the house! Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy a whole floor of the show being dedicated to FOOD!! Great day out for all the family Read More →

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Mothers Day brings about some funny old emotions doesn’t it?

This year was a hard one but it got me thinking, as I sat there torn between sadness that my husband was spending his first Mothers Day without his own mother and a thankful happiness at my own lovely children telling  me how much they love me, what is motherhood really all about?

Becoming a mother, unplanned, at 24 changed my life overnight. I was scared, petrified in fact, about what would happen to me. I went back to work too soon after her birth just to prove I could cope (turned out I couldn’t) and tried to be as ‘un-mumsy’ as I could in all aspects of life. By trying to ensure motherhood didn’t define me I think I sadly missed out on a lot the first time round.

However life is about learning, and both times I became a mother taught me more than any other experience life has thrown my way.

So now, almost seven years since I first uttered those two words that changed my life forever, I am ready to look back on all that becoming a mum has taught me. Read More →

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This week we have been taking part in a very exciting review project testing out Elsa’s Magic Snow Sleeve & Outfit thanks to UK Mums TV.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 2 years you will be all too familiar with Elsa’s, and her younger sister Anna’s, quest for world domination! And now with Frozen Fever, the new short film, out from the 27th March there really is no chance of getting my girls to let it go (see what I did there?) any time soon! Read More →

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I live in a house of Disney fans, and Sofia the First is one of the very favourite cartoons of both my girls, so when I told them they were being trusted with a Disney Sofia Palace Game Review there was ALOT of excitement in the room.

Disney Sofia Palace Game Review

Accompany Princess Sofia on her way to the royal palace! With a little luck of the die you’ll be able to quickly move forward along the coloured path. Sofia’s magic amulet can help you to be the first to reach the palace, but it can also set you back on your journey. A fairy tale coloured dice game with very simple game rules. Full details here.

The game was extremely quick to set up (less than 1 minute) and easy to follow for all involved. The game is aimed at 3+ however Read More →

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Its been a big month at Essex HQ with S turning SIX! We’ve been having lots of fun celebrations and adventures and very munch enjoying the return of some much milder weather.

There has also been an extremely exciting and, dare I say it, life changing decision made at Essex HQ this month. It’s something we are not quite ready to share with the world just yet, but as soon as we can then I’m pretty sure it’s all I will ever talk about!

The girls have been at the centre of this decision process (they have a lot to say for Read More →

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I have some exciting news! Remember back during Feb half term I posted this selfie and said I was on a top secret mission….well now I can reveal all! Read More →

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The most important thing in my life is my family. Without them nothing would make sense. My husband and I have been together only 7 years, but, while I can remember life before he came along, I can never remember being as happy as I am right now.

Do you ever sit and wonder what you did with your time before children came along? Yes ok, I know we have fantastic nights out and lots of lovely long lie ins, but what else? I never smiled like I do now before the girls came along. I never enjoyed every single moment of life asI do now.

Now, thanks to the absence of those lovely long lie ins, I spend my weekends doing ‘stuff’. We eat, we laugh, we climb trees, we watch films, we have adventures (this year we plan to have 52 of them), we see old friends and we even make some new ones.

Thanks to my wonderful, crazy family I am squeezing every last drop of life out each day.

I have also gained some rather lovely extra family since meeting The Essex Husband. Growing up I always wished I had a big sister to look after me and scare away the bullies – now I do. She means the world to me, and a day spent in her company is never a day wasted.  If my girls ever need role model for adventure, this is their girl.

So, with this mind, and spring in the air, it was clear that the river was calling us. Read More →

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