This is a big summer for us.

It’s all change come September.

Scarlett starts school, Orlaith will be in nursery 2 days a week and I am starting University (we don’t do things by half in this family do we?) so we really want to make this last summer as a gang of three one to remember.


I simply ADORE these two, they have made my life complete.  Having the chance to be at home with them, raising them, seeing them change everyday has been such an honor.  I will be forever grateful for these early days, when its been ‘just us’.  The days before school runs, deadlines and parents evening.  When I was the centre of their world.

We are so lucky to have such beautiful surroundings where we live. Picnic venues and long countryside walks are all around us, and we certainly make the most of them.


It’s especially important for me to raise the girls to know you don’t have to spend lots, or sometimes any, money to have fun. That just being being together is enough.

Just enjoying being ‘us’. Laughing, joking and making memories.

A picnic in the park, a walk by the river, a visit to a National Trust property, a day at the beach. There is so much do in Essex and the surrounding counties, so much to see, so much to learn, that we could never be bored.


As I write this I’m sat in the garden listening to the girls screaming with laugher, while they enjoy having their Daddy home early to make the most of the early evening sunshine.  Soon enough they will grow up and want to be spending their summer evenings with their friends, and that’s fine, it all part of growing up. All part of their journey from amazing children to awesome adults.

But it’s also why, this summer and those few more we have before they grow, we are dedicating ourselves to making memories that will last a lifetime.

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One Thought on “Lazy Summer Days

  1. lucy at dear beautiful on June 28, 2013 at 6:06 am said:

    There are certainly some big changes about to happen in your family. Exciting times ahead, but I can also see why you want to make the most of your last chilled, schedule free summer together. And I’m sure your girls will love you for it. Nothing like making the most of time spent together. x

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