As a child, growing up with the name Alice, I was given many a copy of Alice In Wonderland as gifts over the years. Not that I’m complaining though, it’s one of my most treasured childhood stories.

Falling down a rabbit hole, into a world on mind-bending mystery, having adventures and meeting new friends along the way – what’s not to love about that.

Recently we were invited as a family to visit the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon to see Lewis Carroll’s classic characters come to life in their enchanting adaptation of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. How exciting!

The Polka Theatre is worth a visit just to spend time there.  It’s where dreams of life on the stage will begin. The foyer, full of displays linked to the current shows, has rocking horses, book corners and a huge dressing up box. The cafe area sells much more than the normal over priced boxes of chocolates and popcorn and outside I am reliable informed is a lovely play area (visiting at the start of December we sadly didn’t get to make use of it).

The show blew me away. I was transported back to seven years old, believing fully in the magic of the story. My girls, aged two and four, we’re right there with me, falling into wonderland. Each costume used by the cast fitted the story perfectly, it really bought the whole thing to life and allowed the audience to buy into the adventure. The fact that it not only had a two and four-year old glued to their seats for the entire performance, but also The Essex Husband (Mr Ants In His Pants), is a true testament to how amazing it was.

Even once you are home the fun doesn’t have to stop. The Polka Theatre have a wonderful Pinterest board full of Mad Hats to make ready for your own Mad Hatters Tea Party. Genius!

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland is running at The Polka Theatre until Feb 15th and tickets can be purchased here - they would make a lovely gift for any little loved ones in your life.

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Disclaimer – we were given a complimentary family tickets to see Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland but, as always, all views are our own. 

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