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Roll up, roll up  - Camp Bestival 2014 theme announced in style.

The theme for next years festival, taking place from July 31 to August 3rd, will be Circus

You can see the Camp Bestival 2014 theme announced in style below Read More →

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I had heard a lot about Lollibop 2013 by the time I arrived in Stratford Sunday morning, and to be honest not all of it was good. Long queues, too many people and limited resources in some of the tents.

I was nervous to say the least, especially as we had friends attending with us on the back of our glowing recommendation from Lollibop 2012, but I was detemided to aprroch the day with an open mind.

LolliBop 2013 Review

We got to the Olympic Park (after a 30 min walk from Stratford) and entered the areas fairly quickly. The rumors of it being packed were true, but we still managed to do most of the bits we wanted without too much waiting around.

LolliBop 2013 Review

Orlaith loved the Duplo area (she would have quite happily stayed here all day, and Scarlett felt the same about the Baby Annabel tent.

Looking round at the activities on offer, I couldnt help but think it was all a little to forced and commerical. I felt like I was being told how to have fun, there wasn’t really much on offer for the children to just explore and enjoy in a way that they wish. Thats’ what festivals are all about to me, freedom and creativeness, and I felt that Lollibop was missing that. It was much more of a giant fair than a festival.

That said we still did have a wonderful day during our LolliBop 2013 review visit, The Heartlands and LolliProm were the saving grace of the festival. Areas where you could relax (away from the crowds) with a picnic and listen to the crazy DJs from Ready Sheddy Disco.

Here we played musical statues, sack races and the biggest pass-the-parcel I have ever seen. It was real relaxed fun. It was in this arena that I began to feel like I was at a festival.

LolliBop 2013 Review

20130819-143627.jpg Would I go back to Lollibop next year? Probably yes. I still remember how great it was in 2012, and I hope once the feedback has been received from all LolliBop 2013 Reviews and the teething problems ironed out from its first year at The Olympic Park, Lollibop 2014 will see this Big Bash for Little People return to its former glory.

Disclaimer – We were given a family pass for the festival to complete our LolliBop 2013 Review, views expressed are all my own


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Picture 3

There is not a doubt in my mind; we WILL be at Camp Bestival 2014.  After all the fun we had at Camp Bestival 2013 it would be rude not to.

Picture 3

Being the super organised looser that I am I made notes all weekend at this year’s festival of things I’d like to do differently next year, so I can be as ready for my Camp Bestival 2014 planning as possible.

Firstly I want a bigger tent (I have my eye on this one). Don’t get me wrong ours is great but now I have the camping bug I would like a tent with more living space and at least 3 bedrooms so the girls can have their own space and maybe not wake each other up to play so early next year.

Alongside the bigger tent I need some tent accessories.  I’m talking bunting, gazebos, table and chairs, flags, fairly lights, outdoor rugs and cushions (I think I may also need to add bigger car to the list at this rate already).  There were families camping that had set up little villages and it all looked so cute and cozy, I want that for next year.

I need a wagon for the girls.  Our BOB buggy worked a treat this year but by next summer I think out buggy days will be behind us so a wagon is the way forward.  There were so many amazing trolleys on show this week that I need to do some serious research as to what one to buy, but currently these Radio Flyer ones are top of my list (you can even design your own)

Another new purchase I need to make are some ear defenders for the girls.  I honestly had never realized how loud festivals were.  At the back of the crowds we were fine, but my 4 year old want to be down the front and in the dance tents (clearly her mothers daughter) and they were just too loud for her, so I will be investing in some ear defenders for 2014.

Then, when packing, I would plan my outfits more. There were some seriously stylish people at Camp Bestival and I want to make more of effort next year.  I would also pack more beer.  I didn’t realise how much time we would spend chilling at the tent. Popping back for meals or returning to get the girls ready for bed, often turned into an hour rest while we recharged ready to go again.  We ran had out of cans by Saturday evening, so more supply needed for next year.


Camp Bestival is a great place for families, and a great way to introduce your children to the wonders that festivals have to offer. Early Bird tickets for Camp Bestival 2014 (31st of July to the 3rd of August 2014), priced at £180 plus booking fee for an adult weekend ticket including camping from Thursday, are on sale now with payment plans available over a 36 week period meaning you pay just £5 a week per ticket.  For more information and to book please visit the Camp Bestival website.

So my planning for Camp Besitval 2014 is already underway – I hope to see you there (and if you still need convincing the Camp Bestival is for you then way not check out my review of this years festival and our Camp Bestival 2013 journey in photos)



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Marsh Farm KidsFest, the newest children’s festival to hit the scene, hosted its inaugural fun filled weekend in Essex last Saturday and Sunday.


There was so much to see and do, and with everything included in the entrance price, it was really great value for money.

We arrived about 11am and things were already in full swing.  Alongside the normal offerings from Marsh Farm there were also the added extras of great acts on the main stage, a full scale circus, shopping village and fun-fair to name but a few.

DSCF7640 DSCF7647 DSCF7654 DSCF7662 DSCF7663 DSCF7671 DSCF7674 DSCF7675 DSCF7679 DSCF7682 DSCF7688




After a busy day of fun and games we headed over to the main arena about 4pm to see Mr Maker live on stage.  I’m not sure who was more excited about this, Scarlett or myself, but either way we were not disappointed. He was brilliant!

Straight after Mr Maker the lovely JImbo took to the stage. He was hilarious.  Totally and utterly side splittingly funny.  He is being booked for the next birthday party we have for sure (even if its not a children’s party)

DSCF7690 DSCF7694


A great day was had all round by this little Essex family and, judging from the smiling parents and weary children on the way out, I don’t think we were the only ones.

Marsh Farm KidsFest is set to be a HUGH annual event – I cannot recommend getting an early bird ticket next year highly enough.


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Last weekend saw Camp Bestival 2013 take over Dorset with a bang. 4 days jam packed with music and magic, set to the backdrop of the stunning Lulworth Castle and its Jurassic coastine location, it was just what this Essex family needed to throw them head first into the world of being a ‘family that festivals’

We came, we saw, we camped, we conquered.

We had a ball.

Camp Bestival 2013 Highlights

From the moment we arrived we were swept away into another world, like real life was left behind and we could be anybody we wanted to be. My children turned feral for the majority of the four days, spending their time barefoot and covered in mud whenever possible, and The Essex Husband and I spend most of our time pinching ourselves that things were going so well.

With two children under 5, spending 4 nights in a tent at a festival seamed like either a really good idea or a completely stupid one; we just didn’t know which. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the result.

From making fairy houses in the Dingley Dell to dancing like a crazy woman to DJ Fresh, embarrassing my girls with my desire to still be young and remembering how much fun The Essex Husband and I have when we go out together, Camp Besitval was perfect for our family.


Children were clearly at the top of the agenda when Camp Bestival was designed. Every turn we took revealed something new for them to see or do. The Upper Kids Garden was a pure wonderland of mini fun. Making pom-poms in the craft tent, practicing our circus skills on the green, playing the coconut shy, walking the tight rope and watching the most wonderful bedtime shows in theatre tent, we loved this little pocket of curiosity, and with its views over the sea it really was magical.Camp Bestival 2013 Highlights

The Castle Stage was graced by some real big names over the course of the 3 days, all of which got the crowd going and provided hours of entertainment, but for me it was the hidden, more ‘off-piste’ entertainment that was the true jewel in Camp Bestival’s crown. Never did I think I would be Maypole dancing with Modern Mummy and Katy Hill on a gloomy Sunday morning, that’s just what Camp Bestival does to you.

My top memory of Camp Bestival 2013? That’s tough one. There are so many Camp Bestival 2013 highlights for me.

Up there (and I’m slightly ashamed to admit this) is Mr Tumble’s Saturday morning performance on the Castle Stage. The pure enjoyment on the children’s faces completely made up for the fact that I was up early to watch a grown man have custard pies thrown at his face.

Also, sharing the whole experience with Modern Mummy and her brood made the weekend even more memorable for us. Her lovely daughters have become best buddies with my two, and the song they made up and sang about ‘poo lorries’ every time the portaloos were cleaned out (which was at least twice a day) will live with me forever.

My real Camp Bestival 2013 highlight though will be one that only a handful of people share with me.

About 6pm on Sunday evening we were having dinner outside the Young British Foodies tent (which is the best place to get food at Camp Bestival by miles by the way) when a guy walking past suddenly stopped and started singing to a family sitting on the grass.

‘What would you think if I sang out of tune……’

By the time he got to the end of the first line of the first line I noticed anther man walking towards him, joining in

‘Would you stand up and walk out on me…..’

When another couple of people joined them for the next line it was clear to see we were about to witness a flash mob.

Before we knew it there were over 30 people standing singing ‘I’ll get by with a little help from my friends’ to an audience of open-mouthed, mesmerised people, all pinching themselves with what they were lucky enough to have witnessed. The singers, who I later found out make up the Funky Little Choir from Chirstchich in Bornmouth, were sensational. I really didn’t want it to end.

It was the perfect way to end our weekend.

Camp Bestival 2013 blew me away. We saw and did so much, yet there was still so much we didn’t even get round to doing.

It’s a full on, tiring, weekend…….but my goodness it was so worth it. I cant wait to do it all over again next year.


I have to say a HUGE thank you to Camp Bestival for providing us with our weekend tickets and such great Camp Bestival 2013 highlights… have helped us make memories that will last a life time.

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