December 1st, the day Twitter put up their Christmas trees. On my way over to Westfield London my social media streams were filled with twinkling lights and elves on shelves (oh and the occasional bah humbugs), Christmas had arrived.

Festive Fun With Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard had invited us to join them at their pop-up shop in Westfield London for a festive day of printing fun. Now I’m not the most creative when it come to ‘cutting and sticking’, I’m much more of a go outside and get muddy kind of mum, but with the coldest winter in years heading our way I rapidly need to make friends with the Pritt-stick and find some indoor activities to keep my little ladies amused.

Festive Fun With Hewlett-Packard At Westfield

As we arrived, to what could only be described modern crafting at its best, I could visibly see Scarlett shaking with excitement. Paper-chain making, the staple for any Christmas crafting table, was accompanied by a station for us to design and print our own recipe cards and the chance to create an interactive holiday card with HP Live Photo.

HP Live photo is, in layman’s terms, magical wizardry that makes a photo come to life. You take a video on your phone, use the HP Live Photo app to turn it into a still image, print said image, add it to a card and send to your nearest and dearest. When received by the recipient they then use their HP Live Photo app to view the photo and launch the video you made on your phone.

Get it?? Maybe this can explain it better.

Soon enough the jingle bells were ringing and Father Christmas was waiting to see us in his Grotto. We have been searching for a great Grotto since Selfridges stopped theirs last year. One where you could book so there was no queuing, and that was decorated in a way to make you feel you were somewhere magical. Westfield have certainly delivered. I wont spoil any of the magic by sharing what happens inside, but with elves keeping you amused and taking photos in the queue, a lovely short film to watch and then some one on one time with the big man himself (and a very nice, age specific, gift to take away) it is certainly worth a visit. With a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) costing only £14, it is also an absolute bargain.

After refueling our bellies in Pizza Express it was time to finish the day with a spin around the ice rink. Two adults that haven’t skated in about 10 years and a nervous four-year old, what could possibly go wrong? Well as it turns out, not much really. Thanks to the help of a friendly penguin we had a blast, and I can’t wait to do it all again at Sommerset House in a couple of weeks.

Hewlett-Packard sent us back to Essex with some crafting challenges to take part in. So watch this space, I will be sue to share our creations with you all.


HP kindly treated us to our day of festive fun with Hewlett-Packard at Westfield, however all views are my own.



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