I cannot believe that S has now completed one whole term of big school, she is growing up too fast. Her attitude to school is amazing. Always wanting to be the first one there, flying ahead in the team points tally and already reading stage 3 books. My little superstar.

It’s not only S that has learnt a lot this term. I have had a short, sharp education in what it means to be a country mum. You see, Country Mum school run style is nothing like the urban equivalent we hear so much about. Perfectly manicured nails and pristine footwear give way to clothing more suited to the Cross Country Style genre.

Country Mum School Run Style

I had scoured hours of blog posts on School Run Style prior to S joining Reception in September, however I would have been better off reading up on the latest collections from Jack Murphy Clothing and their other equestrian counterparts.

My style has completely changed, not just to ‘be one of them’ (I’m not quite that shallow) but because their fashion sense is not only very stylish, but practical too.  The village, a very farming based community, is as rural as they come. And by rural I mean muddy. No point investing in statement boots, they’d be ruined within the week. Its wellies and fitted quilted coats all the way. Now I see it everyday, and have learnt the ticks of the trade, I actually think this Country Mum school run style is even more glamorous that the A listers pull off in Notting Hill.

The only problem is……with all the new country clothes we now own, S also wants a horse!

Country Mum school run style

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