Baby Essex (aka O) celebrated her 2nd birthday this week which, for me, signals the start of the festive period. We have a rule (not set by me I hasten to add) that the C word cannot be mentioned until her birthday has passed. I break this rule constantly, much to the annoyance of my family, but finally, now the celebrations are over, balloons popped and cake consumed, I can be at one with the words of Johnny Mathis once again.

My week started with a bang when, on Tuesday, I found myself in a quaint cafe near Covent Garden discussing the perils of child internet safety with Tony Anscombe, AVG’s senior security expert. Over the weeks ahead I will be sharing much more about this bizarre meeting and, as it was filmed in order to be shown on their social media channels, you will also get a sneak preview of the footage very soon.

Wednesday was a little less intense. I headed back up to the West End to attend the Joules SS14 press day. OH.MY.GOODNESS. I wanted it all. We are in for a treat when these lines hit our stores next sping. Katy, of Modern Mummy fame, and I have planned our entire festival wardrobe from just that one evening. Plus, the addition of the cutest micro pigs ever and a VW Camperven (which we share a mutual adoration of) serving pie and mash made our evening all the more enjoyable.



Post pig-loving, pie-eating, camper-lusting, fashion heaven, Katy and I took a stroll around Covent Garden and partook in the ceremonious ‘first mulled wine of the season’.

Sitting on the cobbled steps, watching the world go by under the sparkle of thier disco ball christmas litght spectacular, Katy and I both realised we belonged in London. Our family life may be firmly rooted in the Home Counties, something we wouldn’t change for the world, but our hearts, are work life, keep drawing us back ‘up town’.

Looking at the beautiful Christmas tree lit up next us and warmed by the wintery taste of my mulled wine I also realised something else; Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.

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2 Thoughts on “Essex And The City – Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

  1. Capture by Lucy on November 15, 2013 at 7:38 pm said:

    Ummm I need to move to Essex! xx

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