There are many firsts in a child’s life that we remember. First words, first steps, first day at school. All too quickly followed by first dates, first cars and first homes of their own.

There is one first though that I think goes by with too little fuss, but its one of the firsts I love the most. It marks the start of a lifelong adventure.

One that will see them learn, laugh and fall in love. Will take them away from me and (god-willing) bring them back safely. Will bring them joy, open their eyes to so much and teach them things I never could.

Getting your first Passport. The gateway to lifelong freedom. That’s my favorite first.

In the next 12 months this burgundy book will take her to France, America and Turkey. Embarking on her journey to see the world. Each place we visit recorded and marked on a map, tracing the path her tiny feet have taken her. Memories will be made that she may never remember, but will last with me a lifetime.

Here’s your first passport baby girl, enjoy the journey.

20131030-085234.jpgGetting Your First Passport




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