It’s September – which mean I can finally drop the C bomb!

Christmas! There, I said.

Yes, it gets earlier and earlier each year. Yes, it goes on forever. Yes, it’s a commercialised hype. Do I care? No! I bloody love it.

Mainly as it’s a chance to spoil my girls without the fear of being judged (well some may still judge me, but then I’ll judge them right back for being a Grinch).

My girls get to ask Father Christmas for 5 things each. So far S has mentioned she may include Lego, Barbie, A Tablet, oh and CHICKENS to this list.

Barbie Colour Change Handbag

Barbie Colour Change Handbag

Barbie is quiet a new discovery at Essex HQ , I was worried about the small parts with O up until a few months back, so they are still a novelty to us all.  Barbie gets a bad press sometimes, but the two that we have are often tied up in skipping ropes and sent ‘to the outback’ to go absailing down the side of the fireplace, so I’m not too worried that playing with these size zero plastic bombshells will turn my daughters into Stepford air-heads anytime soon.

The biggest hit from Barbie this Christmas is set to be the Barbie Colour Change Handbag (RRPĀ£29.99). This stylish clutch bag will wow any Barbie fan that lays eyes on it.  Coming with loads of cute clip on accessories, this magic bag (and yes I’m sure batteries and LEDs play a part, but as far as I’m concerned its magic) will amaze your little princesses thanks to its colour changing abilities, allowing them to match the bag to their chosen outfit that day.  My girls are going to go crazy for the Barbie Colour Change Handbag come December 25th, but don’t just take my word for it though, check out what the toy testers had to say…

Barbie Colour Change Handbag - Partnered Post

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