O isn’t a baby anymore. I need to face up to that fact.  She doesn’t want to do ‘baby’ things, she wants to play with Lego and read books. I thought Scarlett was in a rush to grow up as a toddler, O has surpassed all of that and more. At 2 she is acting like a 5-year-old, I guess it’s a girl thing.

We knew her bedroom needed updating, it was just hard to find a way to make it suit her wants while being safe for her needs.  I wanted a pink haven of roleplay and reading. A happy place she could head to whenever tension between the girls get too much (sisters, eh!?!) and a place in which she could grow without growing out of. Not too much of  an ask then!

We stated with a bed.  Both my girls went into toddler beds aged 11 months as I believe the earlier it is done the easy the transition (and they both slept 12/13 hours a night once in a bed so it was a winner for me!), so now she is two it felt the right time to get her a proper single bed.

The bed we chose from Wayfair was beautiful, well made and easy to assemble. It looks adorable in her room.  The delivery was a little strained, with the courier service messing me around and then having parts missing once I started to put the bed together, however I cannot praise the customer service of Wayfair enough for the way in which they dealt with my issues and sent replace pieces to us ASAP. O loves her new bed, it is very sturdy (I’m a dab hand with the flat pack) and will see her through until at least senior school, plus at less that £100 it was a bargain too.


O, being the youngest of the family, is stuck with the smallest bedroom.  We are lucky that even this room is fairly spacious though and has allowed us to create her both a sleeping area and a playing area. Her wooden kitchen and tea room are hand me downs from big sis and get played with ALL THE TIME.


A new room needs new accessories.  Her TinyMe wall stickers have really given a girly feel to her sleeping area and match the door sticker we got her at Christmas time. The rug is currently covering up a number of Calpol stains on the carpet (I’m not planning on changing the floor until she is a little older  - and dry over night) and really helps to give the room a warm and homely feel.


The bedding is a Tesco sale bargain (£7 for the set) and we treated O to a new duvet and pillow from Mothercare as I feel happy knowing she is under a lightweight duvet designed for children (£29.99 for a duvet and pillow bundle).

The final addition was her book shelves.  My Ikea hack that I am slowing adding all around the house. Each shelf costs less than £5 and they are brilliant for children’s rooms as, not only to they make the books super accessible to the children, they also allows reading to be visually part of their everyday lives.

A beautiful room for a beautiful girl. It’s the turn of our bedroom next on the grand redecoration. I cannot wait so show off what we create.

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6 Thoughts on “O’s New Bedroom

  1. Ninja cat on April 5, 2014 at 7:13 pm said:

    I love the line about reading being visually part of lives , beautiful

  2. Grenglish on April 6, 2014 at 3:19 pm said:

    Oh wow, they look lovely!

    We took the bars down on Z’s cotbed when he was 2.5 and only just moved him into a single bed at age 4. We are a bit slow over here…


    • AnEssexWife on April 7, 2014 at 7:52 am said:

      If I hadn’t produced two escape artists I may have considered the same path.

      Room looks great doesn’t it? I’m considering asking or a swap.

  3. Wow, I love her sweet wall sticker! The bed is sweet too.

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