Another weekend, another festival.  Only this time, it was ALL about food. #winning

We were invited to spend the weekend at The Big Feastival 2014 with Wyld Wood Cider, and boy, what an amazing weekend we had!  Wyld Wood has been a firm favourite of ours ever since we were treated lots of the scrummy stuff on my birthday earlier this year, so when in the invite came along we jumped at the chance with two feet.

The Big Feastival 2014

The Big Feastival 2014

The Big Feastival 2014 was an amazing festival, in fact I would go as far as to say that it was the best festival we have attended as a family. The food, the prices, the entertainment and the music, especially the music, was spot on! I could bore you all day with endless stories of why The Big Feastival will become a regular on our festival calendar, but instead I think I will leave you with our top 5 The Big Feastival 2014 highlights.

The Big Feastival 2014 – Top 5 Highlights

Norman Jay – I have loved his Good Times sets ever since we danced to them in the blazing sunshine at Carnival 2010, Norman Jay is a true mark of summer.  He had the crowd on their feet from start to finish, and really got the us going for the rest of the evening.

My Bloom – Sunday morning, with a hungover husband and two excited children, we headed to the main stage to see my Number 1 inappropriate  crush, Mr Bloom.  We have seen him twice this summer, and both times he has had both the children and adults alike engrossed in his performance.  He is really interactive, even coming out into the crowd to get the children to sing lullabies to the veggies.  He was O’s highlight by far.

Lavazza Coffee – Another Sunday morning success.  Fresh coffee, made by some of the worlds best barristers, accompanied by free newspapers for us and balloon modeling for the children.  If only all hangovers could be taken care of that way!

Cotswold Farm Park – Hands on fun, including holding baby chicks and getting in with the rabbits.  This was a lovely escape from the madness of the music areas for a while.  The children were all welcomed here and encouraged to handle the animals which I though was fantastic.

Fatboy Slim – Hands down the biggest highlight of our The Big Feastival 2014 weekend.  The man is a God!  I have seen him live before in Ibiza, but to see him here, with my husband and two darling daughters was perfection.  S is turning into a right little raver (wonder where she gets that from) and danced the night away with me. It all got a little but much for O and she fell asleep in my arm s(too cute) and then spend the last half hour of his set asleep on the floor.  Just how a family festival should be.

The Big Feastival 2014

Picking just 5 things from The Big Feastival 2014 was HARD! We also loved The Cuban Brothers (inappropriately hilarious), ALL the food, the random hay bales around for the children to climb on, the vintage funfair (especially as S went on the Helter Skelter alone for the first time ever), the Lego arena, potato digging, live cookery demonstrations, Jamie and Alex playing live on stage, and lots and LOTS of cider.

I’m already planning our visit to The Big Feastival 2015 – early bird tickets are on sale here!  Trust me, it’ll be the best decision you make all year.

I have not be asked, or paid, to write this review! 


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