There are many things I have rediscovered since having children. Ice cream, Lego and trips to the cinema, to name but a few.

The problem is though I know approach these activities with an adult mindset.  I know that as tasty as ice-cream is, it’s not really the best idea for breakfast, I want to make Lego buildings according to instruction books and know that the cinema is a place to be quiet and watch the film, making me a little nervous to take young children here with me.

When a friend told me that many multiplexes have a cinema kids club at weekends  (that normally only cost a pound or two per ticket) I knew I was on to a winner.

Vue Cinema Kids Club

Vue Cinema Kids Club

Last weekend, Vue cinemas’ Kids AM invited us to join them for a special preview of Barbie: The Pearl Princess (cue two VERY excited little girls) at Vue Piccadilly.

We arrived before the film to a girly princess wonderland in reception.  There were cake-pops, face-painting and princess fancy dress thanks to Fancy Dress Ball.  Every little girls kind of heaven.  Soon enough we were being ushered into the screen 4, popcorn in hand, ready to watch the film.  My first observation was how comfy the seats were (see I really am getting old) and then how much space we had to arrange all the things you find yourself bringing with you when small children are close by.

The film itself was OK. As always I stated off cringing at how girly and pink it was, worrying that I was teaching my daughters beauty is only skin deep, and then by the end I was rooting wholeheartedly for the princess to get her man and live happily ever after.  I guess deep down I believe in fairytales. I found my Price Charming and have my happy ever after, I can’t help but wish for the same for my two little princesses.

Both girls loved the film and are already asking to go back and see some more.  With many local Cinema Kids Club offers to choose from I am sure we will be back falling in love with big screen again soon.

Thanks to Vue for the Cinema Kids Club tickets (and the delicious cake). I have not been paid to write this review.

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