Many people think a holiday to the famous white isle must be full of nightclubs and cocktails – how wrong they are! Ibiza can be a 24 party holiday but there are also plenty of amazing ways to visit Ibiza in style.


Ibiza In Style – Accommodation 

The first place to start when planning a visit to Ibiza in style is accommodation. All Spanish resorts and islands offer hotels, villas and apartments varying greatly in standards. While budget accommodation may suit the younger crowd there comes a time in everyone’s travel life where the all-inclusive, swim up bar, infinity pool, luxury offered by companies such as Thomas Cook and First Choice starts to have an appeal.

Ibiza In Style – Spas

If you are looking for total relaxation when visiting Ibiza in style then a trip to the Hacienda Spa has to be top of your list. Situated on the picturesque Northern cost of the island, perfect for experiencing that world-famous sunset, this little piece of heaven is certainly a million miles away from the land of sunset strip and all you can drink fish bowls.

Ibiza In Style – Food and Drink

Getting a table for sunset at Café Del Mar or Café Mambo, situated side by side on the front in San Antonio, may be harder than securing an invitation to the garden party at Buckingham Palace, but it is certainly worth the effort of trying if you are successful. The chocolate brownies at Café Mambo are amongst the best I have ever tasted (and I have tasted A LOT) and the views are enough to give you goose bumps. Perfect for a romantic dinner, or drink if you cannot secure a table, I have had dreams of being proposed to here since I watched a man get down on one knee as the sun disappeared out of sight to the sound of Minne Rippton’s ‘loving you’. See….goosebumps.

On the other side of the island you will find Ibiza Town. An up market area hosting a wide range of high-end restaurants and shops ideally suited to a trip to Ibiza in style.

Ibiza In Style – Nightlife

Ibiza in Style

Just because you are on a holiday to Ibiza in style it doesn’t mean you can’t experience the acclaimed nightlight on offer. Thanks to numerous lavish beach clubs opening all along the Ibiza coastline and the exclusive VIP tables in many of the famous super clubs across the island there is a 24 hours party scene on offer even for the most discerning of visitors.

Ibiza’s main season runs from their opening parties late May to the closing parties in October. Ibiza Spotlight is the place to visit for a full guide to the ‘must see’ club nights and DJs throughout the 2014 summer season.


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