Summer is coming (well spring at least) and for us that means a new school uniform.  Ever since I first heard the words ‘it’s a girl’ leave the midwifes mouth I have dreamt of the day I could send them to school with bunches and a gingham check dress.

New uniform bring with it the joys of adding your name to everything so clothing doesn’t go astray, and obviously when I say joy I clearly mean complete and utter misery. There must be an easy way to label clothes by now surely?

Sewing labels into clothes is so 1950′s and iron on labels last about 2 washes in our house.  I did most of the clothes labelling with a permanent marker last September, but now, thanks to the lovely people at Stamptastic coming to my rescue I have finally found the holy grail that is an easy way to label clothes.

easy way to label clothes

Well, actually not just clothes.  These cool stamps work on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics. The stamps (which are transparent for accurate positioning) can be personalised with the name of your choice and come with an ink pad that lasts wash after wash.


We have been using ours for over a month now and the ink on the very first items we stamped is still going strong.  I am a total stamping convert and would recommend Stamptastic to anyone looking for an easy way to label clothes and school items. Another cool product created by mums who have seen a gap in the market. Great work!

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 17.50.42


A huge thank you to Stamptastic for sending us our stamps. All views expressed are our own.

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