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Introducing Panasonic Smart Home Technology

I love gadgets in the home. Well I love gadgets full stop, but things that make my home run seamlessly are my very favourite. So when the lovely people at Panasonic got in contact to...

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The Trinity Big SleepOut 0

The Trinity Big SleepOut – December 4th 2015

I never knew worry until I become a parent. Now there is danger at every turn. The car driving to fast along our quiet street. The photos I put online of my children that...

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WIN With Nick Junior’s Pumpkin Party

It’s party time at Essex HQ, and not just any party – a Halloween party! This Monday (26th October) we are all set to celebrate Nick Jr’s Halloween specials with a super twitter party...

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Having Fun With Hey Duggee

My girls love CBeebies, even my almost 7-year-old is still partial to a little cartoon binge every now and then, so when the wonderful team behind Hey Duggee got in touch and asked if...

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Come And Join Us and Doc For A Party #DocMcStuffins

It’s soon to be party time at Essex HQ, twitter party time! Those lovely folks over at UK Mums TV and Disney Jr have invited us to co-host a Doc McStuffins twitter party, which...

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HP Instant Ink V’s Epson Eco Tank

Over the summer HP invited us up to London for a Hewlett Packard Ink Party at family members club Maggie and Rose, to take our ink knowledge to the next level (yes, I never...

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Brighten Up Your Home With Coloured Windows

I know I sound like a broken record but I’m going to say it again anyway; I think I love the Autumn time the best. Yes I know I say that every season, but...

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Waltham Abbey Marriott

The Waltham Abbey Marriott is a place that always had held good memoires for me as it was where my Father would stay when he was visiting from the US when I was a...

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Creating An Autumnal Bedroom #TransfAutumn

Good people of the internet, I am soggy! I’ve been soggy, and cold, for at least 5 days now. Where, oh where, has summer gone? I could moan and whine about this recent bout...

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I'm Hosting A Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party 0

I’m Hosting A Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party

We are very excited here at Essex HQ to helping host the very exciting Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party on Tuesday 18th August 2-4pm. Puzzles are a huge hit in our house, and Ravensburger are at...

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