How can I sum up Febuary in 3 words? I think Fun, Food and Frosty would just about cover it!

It’s been a cold month in Essex (not that we’ve let it get in the way of us having fun) and an upside down few weeks at Essex HQ while we have had building work taking place, however Feb has been a month that has put many smiles on many faces and one I certainly don’t want to forget.

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There are not many gifts (unless you are extremely talented in the crafting department, which I am not) better than a photo.

Unwrapping your present to see the face a loved one looking back at you, who doesn’t want that?

There are many great photo gift ideas from Truprint that would make your Mother’s Day on March 15th to go with her card, but my personal favourite idea (are you listening Essex Husband?) is a personalised breakfast in bed. Read More →

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We are very excited to announce that this Friday March 6th from 3.45-5.45pm An Essex Wife is partnering with UK Mums TV and Great Gizmos to bring you a very special Twitter party to celebrate the premiere of Blaze and The Monster Machines.

Our party packs arrived this weekend and, wow, we are very excited. They are full of fun activities for us all to take part in, plus some fab goodie bags for our guests to take home….we just cannot wait for Friday! Read More →

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Girls, you are growing so fast. It’s like life is flashing before my eyes.  Your bond is stronger than ever, how anyone will ever break into your gang of two I will never know – I can already see how you will be friends for life, not just sisters. Read More →

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We are very excited to announce that this Thursday from 1-3pm An Essex Wife is partnering with UK Mums TV and Smyths Toys to bring you a very special Twitter party to celebrate Doc McStuffins and her fab range of toys.

Our party packs arrived this weekend and oh my goodness have we been spoilt? The girls were giddy with excitement opening all their toys and party games….we just cannot wait for Thursday!

We have party games, snacks from Kiddylicious, Doc posters, goodie bags, dressing up accessories and LOTS of amazing Doc McStuffins toys. Read More →

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Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 13.47.37

My Dearest Husband,

I am not what you would call a traditional romantic, I think I’m too much of a practical person for all that. The best thing is that you don’t mind, neither are you.

What I feel for you is a deep, eternal, unbounding love.  When I sit here and think about how much I love you my heart races and my eyes well up, you are my whole world and more. But to show this in front of others, to make a public declaration of my love…how would I even start?

Flowers? Chocolates? A new shirt? Would that demonstrate how you changed my life and made it worth living again? A weekend away? A night at the theatre? dinner for two? Would that explain to you how thankful I am, from the bottom of my heart, that you chose me to build a life with?

I just don’t think it would do my feelings justice. I don’t think anything like that could ever do ‘us’ justice.

So how could I show you that my life would fall apart without you? That you are Read More →

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Sometimes I get some very fun tasks on this blog…and today is no exception!

As you may or may not known the ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup is currently taking place in Australia and New Zealand and I have been asked to come up with a recipe relating to one of the countries taking part.

Now as a huge sports fan family this exciting cricket event is one we wont be missing, and there is nothing like a little cheeky treat to enjoy at the same time. So thank to the delicious African cacao beans grown in Zimbabwe I give you our very special Chilli Chocolate Pots. Read More →

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Back in the day (I’m showing my age by even just using this phrase) Faces Nightclub in Gants Hill was where it was AT! Everyone wanted to be seen there. From C-list to even sometimes A-list, Faces has had its fair share of famous types through the door, and, as a (former) good time girl, it was the ONLY place I wanted to spend my weekends.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday (Saturday was always West End or local bar) I would be there, Gold membership in hand, ready to dance the night away.

Then, just after I turned 24, I met a boy, had a baby, bought a house and realised that my clubbing days were on hold. Not over, not by a long stretch, just on hold.

I moved areas, and my old stomping ground was too far away to get back to for a night out. Where I live now wasn’t the best in terms of nightlife until the last year or so. All we had before then were a handful of bars, few pubs and a sticky floored nightclub (Chinawhite it was not!)

Then I heard a rumour, Read More →

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Train journey essentials

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones you just run with. No thinking, no worrying, just action. So when I tweeted ‘Does anyone fancy lunch in Paris with me?’, when Eurostar were doing one of their fab seat sales, I was extremely excited to have a ‘Yes!’ straight back from one of my very favourite blogger friends (and in fact now real life friend) Kate.

While I may be a mother, wife and general all round busy bee I am coming round to the idea that actually sometimes I need to take the day off. Escape. Recharge. It’s not me admitting failure, I see that now. It’s just me acknowledging that without a little investment my mind, body and soul will slowly start to fail, and that wouldn’t be any good for any of us! Read More →

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Alphablocks reading programme

There is no better pleasure than getting lost in a good book. S is just as much of a book-worm as I am, which pleases me no end, and little O is following closely behind with her love of ‘reading’ us a story at bedtime memorised from her favourite Maisy books.

When it came to teaching S to read I was at a complete loss. I was all fired up to start with the flash cards my own mother used with me, thinking learning by sight-reading was still the way to go, when her pre-school teacher stepped in and advised that the teaching of letters and sounds was something best left to their reception teacher with all their phonics training. Being a first timer in all this school and learning malarkey I nodded and went along with what she said like that true teachers pet I am!

After S being in school for a month or so I have the phonics down, and felt confident that when it came to little O starting to read we could get a head start on the phonics at home.

A few months back, just as O turned three, we were offered the Alphablocks reading programme to review for the blog. Perfect timing if you ask me. We had already started working on a few basic Read More →

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