This month has seen he launch a the new Tesco meat free range is stores across the country and I have been tasked with the super hard job of testing out the new items (my life is so unbearable at times).

I am a huge fan of meat free eating and have purchased from the existing Tesco meat free range many times before (I can never get my homemade burgers to taste as good as their spicy bean ones) so I was very excited about seeing what was new in store.

New Tesco Meat Free Range

My top 3 picks from the new Tesco meat free range are

1. Thai Green Curry Bakes

There are my hands down favourite product in the entire Tesco meat free range.  So much so Read More →

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Anyone who has followed this blog for a while will know I am huge advocate of the ‘there is more to Essex than TOWIE’ movement.  Don’t get me wrong, TOWIE has a place in my heart, and has boosted the local economy no end by increasing our visibility as a tourist destination, but for me the real Essex is one of countryside and natural beauty.

About 20 minute drive from me are the RHS Hyde Hall gardens.  I have lived in the area five years now but, until last week, had never visited Hyde Hall gardens.  Oh my goodness, how had I gone so long without seeing this place?  It was brilliant. Read More →

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There are many milestones I have enjoyed with my children. First swim, first holiday, first day at school. The list goes on and on.

Today we found a new milestone to enjoy together. The first time of flying a kite.

Well I say flying, but really it was more throwing it up, running and hoping for the best. We *may* have chosen our kite on how pretty it was over the practicality of it, so they flying part wasn’t very successful, but we did have a lot of fun trying.

As we are spending the weekend with family on the Essex coast it seamed the perfect opportunity to give the kite a whirl.

Here’s how we got on… Read More →

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How Well Do You Know Your UK Holiday Destinations?

How well do you know your UK holiday destinations? More and more families are opting to holiday at home than ever before. It keeps travel times down, helps the local economy and can be an awful lot cheap than a week abroad in the sun somewhere.

How Well Do You Know Your UK Holiday Destinations?

Parkdean Holidays have designed a fun little quiz to test your knowledge of UK holiday destinations. The quiz is simple to do, you just have to choose the holiday pictures you think are from the UK holiday destinations (harder than it sounds), and then at the end you’ll be given a score of how well you have done. I scored 123 (which could do with some improvement!) – looks like I need to visit some more UK holiday destinations to brush up on my knowledge.

For an added bonus, everyone who completes the UK holiday destinations quiz Read More →

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The weekend just gone marked the start of 9 days off work for The Essex Husband.  Just over one whole week of uninterrupted family time. 100% bliss.

Starting as we meant to go on Sunday was spent in London having fun family adventures.

We attended a lovely HP Easter event at The Museum of Childhood and were treated to an afternoon of Easter crafts and printing activities.  I was hugely impressed with cards available to print at home from HP creations and will be making many more of those this weekend for our loved ones.  Aside from this the girls took part in a very cute Easter themed photo-shoot from which I cannot wait to see the photos! Read More →

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My rug Store

My Rug Store are stockists of some wonderful modern and traditional rugs to suit all homes. I love a rug, it can add depth and warmth to a room, not to mention how good they are at hiding the destruction having two young children can do to your carpet.

Aiming to offer customers the best possible deal on their rugs, My Rug Store not only aim to be lower in price than their competitors but also offer free delivery to all mainland UK destinations (in most cases within 48 hours)

My Rug Store Review – Children’s Rugs

We have been spoilt this morning with a lovely delivery from My Rug Store.  The rug, from Read More →

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According to a recent survey 40% of Britons dream of jacking in the day job and setting up their own business, and I can’t say I blame them, it was the best thing I ever done.

20% of those people all have the same dream. Baking.

Baking Dreams With Tate & Lyle

With this in their minds, and sugar in their hearts, Tate & Lyle created a rather tasty new campaign called ‘Bake Your Dreams Come True’. Set up to inspire budding bakers to follow their baking dreams, there are £1million worth of prizes and rewards available to be won, including the top prize of a £5,000 cash reward for up to five baking entrepreneurs to provide financial support to kick-start their baking business.

Up-and-coming bakers can apply Read More →

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Over 440,000 people to date have seen the world’s only live production of the CBeebies top-rated IN THE NIGHT GARDEN LIVE  show.

2014 will see the fifth consecutive tour of this delightful children’s summer classic. IN THE NIGHT GARDEN LIVE is an amazing musical theatre experience for all the family. Children’s favourite CBeebies’ stars – Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends – are all brought beautifully to life on stage using full-size costumes, magical puppets, enchanting music and breath-taking projections. Read More →

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How long have you known your oldest friend? 5 years? 15 years? 50 years??

Sometimes, if you are really really lucky, a friend you make at school will stay by your side forever. That friend, who on your wedding day is smiling from congregation, remembering the first boy you kissed or the first girl who broke your heart and beaming with relief that they are not the one you are marrying right now, is worth their weight in gold.

My girls are lucky to be surrounded by good friends. Both popular girls who are magnets to all who meet them. Some friends I like more than others (I’m sure thats a normal thing as a parent), but I know most of them won’t be around forever. Friends come and go as life changes don’t they.

People say friends come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Looking at the friends my girls have right now, even at such a young age, I really do believe

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Easter at Willows Farm in Hertfordshire is AMAZING. I’m talking, back to your childhood, still believing in Easter bunnies kind of amazing.

Aside from the many animals and free rides you always find there, Easter at Willows Farm also brings with it Egg hunts, bunnies trails and the cutest little newborn lambs and piglets you ever did see.

Read More →

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