Dearest S,

The first 6 weeks are over and we are currently enjoying a hard-earned week together away from the pressures of school and work.

As always I’m so proud of you S. Your intelligence astounds me, but it’s more than that, your dedication and general zest for learning makes my heart burst. You are so driven, so focused, so willing to learn. You make every day an adventure. School wise you have flown through the term, reaching level nine in your reading and working with year two for your literacy lessons. You are my mini-me geek and I love it! Read More →

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Dora and Friends premiere Twitter party

We are big Nick Jr fans at Essex HQ, always the children’s channel of choice for both my girls I have been watching Peppa, Dora and friends for more years now than I care to remember!

On Monday November 3rd (how is it November next week??) we are VERY excited to be taking part in a Dora and Friends premiere Twitter party with Nick Jr. and to celebrate the launch of the new Dora series and watch the premiere at 5pm. Read More →

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The Family Adventure Company

Spending the day together, just the four of us, having an adventure or two, that, right there, is what I live for. This week is full of adventures.  We have already had an AMAZING day at Bewilderwood (more about that soon), tomorrow we are heading to London for a Pizza making workshop and a spot of sightseeing and then Thursday sees us head to France for the day for a mini-adventure (and booze haul for the grown-ups). I’m rubbish at doing nothing, I need to have plans, adventures and dreams up my sleeve at all times to enable to me relax at all.

In years to come, when the girls are a little older I have such plans for the adventures we will have.  The places we will visit, the journeys we will take….it’s all planned out for fear of forgetting anything.  We only get once chance at life….and as cheesy as that is, I really want to get it right.

I first discovered Read More →

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Family Board Game Ideas

One of the things I have found hard recently is family board game ideas for a game we can all play together. O has reached an age where she knows her own mind and is very independent, just about to turn three she wants to join in with everything her big sister does now. Not happy to be ‘mummy’s helper’ in a game, she wants her own turn and can become very vocal about this desire if we say no!

This has led me on the hunt for some new family board game ideas to ask Father Christmas for.  Some we can all play together and then some that The Essex Husband and I can play with S when O isn’t around (something that can stretch her encyclopaedic mind….but then again something with questions I know the answer to as well. No one likes to be out smarted my a 5-year0old now do they?)

During my search I have discovered so extremely fun games that we will be adding to our collection. Read More →

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Lego, who doesn’t love Lego? Well apart from my bank balance- it’s not cheep is it? Especially if you are as addicted to buying it as I am! But with the wonderful people at Suppose searching around for the best deals on so many toys, including lego, I have been able to find more and more excuses to stock up on new sets for the girls.

Currently on my girl’s Lego wish-list are…

Police helicopter
Lego friends juice bar
Little Mermaid Lego
Lifeboat Lego
Plus all of the Lego Movie range!

Being the super mum I am Read More →

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AW14 Clarks Picks

Shoes….who doesn’t love shoes!

If you’d have told me 5 years ago that my shoes this season would be AW14 Clarks picks I’d have laughed your socks off (gentle foot pun there for you all – you’re welcome).  Yet something has happened, somewhere between me having children and Orla Kiely collaborating with Clarks, the shoes got good!

Goodbye shapeless, clompy shoe school throwback…..hello beauties! Don’t take my word for it, you can see for yourself. Read More →

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Things to do in Bath as a family.

With half-term nearly upon us it’s that time where we all start thinking about ways to keep the children amused, while not making the bank manager sweat! Thanks to an unscrupulous client that has only paid me 50% of my final invoice, and a wonderful, yet costly, pre-school taking all my money, this half term is going to have to be a rather low key one.

Alongside our planned day trip to France (hellllo Christmas wine stockpile) and a visit to Bewilderwood for a swing in the trees, we have a little mini break to Bath in the pipeline too.

The best thing about a mini-break? The chance Read More →

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Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 12.24.33

Sometimes I need to take a break from real work and spend time working on my imaginary life.

This ‘imaginary life’ is normally based around something I have been reading, eating or watching on TV.  Living in NYC, escaping to the country or island hopping in Greece with my beautiful family in tow; these have all been recent travelling daydreams of mine.

Traveling Daydreams

I love to explore. Whether that be here in the UK or around the world, life is too short to stay in one place. (As I type Carrie Bradshaw has just arrived in Paris and I’ve made a mental note to google Eurostar prices once I finish this post). I’m easily led and want to see as much of the world as possible, I want to experience as much as I can in this short little life we are given. Read More →

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Family Ticket For Wizards & Witches Week Marsh Farm

Running from 25th-31st October at Marsh Farm, Wizards & Witches Week Marsh Farm will have your little monsters entertained all day!

Wizards & Witches Week Marsh Farm

Join Cello the wizard as he searches the farm for missing potion ingredients for his trick or treat spell! Plus enjoy story-telling with Winifred the Witch and Pumpkin Carving (free pumpkin for each child) alongside other spooky Craft activities! Read More →

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Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 19.49.25

Following the amazing coverage of Vogue fashion’s night out at Superdry International Regent St last month I have been lusting after most of the A/W14 range! Now I accept that some of the collection may be a little ‘young’ for me these days, but that doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate some of their pieces into my style.  Got to stay ‘down with the kids’ somehow haven’t I?

Superdry A/W14 Woman’s Coat Picks

I was generously offered my pick of the Superdry A/W14 collection to review, and jumped at the chance to get my hands on a new coat for the winter. They have a fab collection of coats for AW14…. Read More →

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