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This week the glorious lazy days of summer finally come to an end *sobs* and we are all getting ready for the ‘back to school’ race.

Last summer we had all our uniform bought and pressed by August 1st, S was starting big school and we were all very excited, but this year I have taken a little more relaxed approach to it all.  And when I say relaxed, I clearly mean I’ve ignored it all for as long as possible and then set about panicking in a very un-Bristsh like manor! Read More →

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During September Marsh Farm is celebrating it’s 30th Birthday (wow! almost as old as me) and they have some fantastic special guests joining them for Potato Picking Party on September 27th and 28th!

Peppa Pig is visiting Marsh Farm to help them celebrate their birthday and you could be there too! Read More →

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Can you sleep anywhere? I need darkness, silence and a comfy bed. My husband on the other hand could sleep in the middle of Oxford St station!

Carpertright are looking for people to share their funniest and strangest snaps of people they know falling asleep in the weirdest places. Read More →

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During our recent visit to the Lake District we took a day trip to the world famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach to find out what Nickelodeon Land was all about!  Such a fun day was had by all.

Nickelodeon Land Blackpool – Best Bits

Set within the six acre site of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Nickelodeon Land is jam packed with  fab rides for all the family. Read More →

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Me, the summer I turned 18

12 years ago today I stood with my high school boyfriend and opened my A-level results.  Outwardly pleased with the three C’s I had achieved, I was inwardly crushed that I had let this relationship take time away from my studies and that these grades didn’t match up to the almost straight A’s of my GCSEs.  It would be another year before I realised that the relationship was toxic and taking over my whole life, but that day I think I learnt a little about what it really meant to put yourself first.

12 years have passed and, while so much has changed in my life, I can’t help but feel that this ‘growing up’ thing we are all meant to did is a little bit of a sham.

I still haven’t quite worked out what I want to be when I’m a grown-up. For a while I thought Read More →

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S had her first holiday romance. They made each other loom bands and he gave her shiny stones from the beach, they shared food and stories of school, he told her she was his favoutie holiday friend, she promised to write.

Seeing her face looking at him as we said goodbye honestly broke my heart, with little concept of how far Essex is from York she was unaware that this boy would never be seen again, but she still looked so sadden to be parting even for now.

2 weeks on and his name is still spoken with affection. Read More →

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We have recently returned from a week in the South Lakes with some school friends.  Having had not visited the Lake District since a child, I was very excited to rediscover a place I had held so highly in my memories all these years.

Being Summertime the cost was always going to be a factor. This trip was in addition to our main summer holiday, plus we have already been to New York this year, so there wasn’t big bucks left in the budget for this holiday too.

After a little shopping around (at times my stinginess really does come into its own) I managed to find us a weeks accommodation for £79 per family.  I know! Oh, the only thing was, we had to sleep in a tent. Read More →

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hidden London hotspots that everyone should visit

The summer holidays, six blissful weeks with my darling children.  Now while I adore having all this time to spend them, and I really do love it, it just get so damn expensive trying to find things for us  to do.  You see I’m not very good at staying in and relaxing, I prefer adventures, so I’m always looking for fab ideas of what to do with my little little ladies.

Today I have a wonderful guest post for you all (and for me) on the best hidden London hotspots that everyone should visit. Read More →

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Camp Bestival 2014 In Photos

Camp Bestival 2014 was, quite simply, one of the best things we have ever experienced!

After an amazing time at Camp Bestival 2013 I was worried that this year may not live up to the memories of last summer. I needn’t have worried though, Camp Bestival 2014 surpassed any exceptions I had and then some!

I’m already counting down the days to Camp Bestival 2015!

Camp Bestival 2014 In Photos Read More →

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We have just returned from day 1 of Marsh Farm KidsFest 2014 and just wanted to let you know what a thoroughly great day we had!

Top 5 Highlights Of Marsh Farm KidsFest 2014

1. Once we were in everything was free!  Other than food, although you can take in your own, there really isn’t anything you need to pay for.

2. Seeing Mr Bloom – seriously he was so close I could have licked him!

3. Getting up on stage and having a Hawk land on my arm! Serious Mummy points right there

4. Taking my girls on the Bumper Cars for the very first time

5. Planting seeds with the National Trust Essex and ticking up number 41 on our #50Things list. Read More →

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