I'm Hosting A Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party 0

I’m Hosting A Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party

We are very excited here at Essex HQ to helping host the very exciting Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party on Tuesday 18th August 2-4pm. Puzzles are a huge hit in our house, and Ravensburger are at...

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School Uniform From Marks And Spencer

I am a huge fan of the school uniform from Marks and Spencer. Even since S started school that has been our school uniform shop of choice. While some say that they find it...

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The Long Road To Getting My Driving Licence 0

The Long Road To Getting My Driving Licence

Driving never had an appeal to me. At 17, while many of my friends were saving for cars and pulling double shifts in their supermarket jobs to pay for driving lessons, I was putting...

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Marsh Farm Summer Spectacular GIVEAWAY 33

Marsh Farm Summer Spectacular GIVEAWAY

We are extremely excited here at Essex HQ to be able to offer THREE lucky readers the chance to win family tickets (up to four people) for this summers Marsh Farm Summer Spectacular! Marsh Farm...

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Dora and Friends Regional Tour

This summer is set to be an exciting one for Dora The Explorer fans! Over the months of July and August Dora will be going around your local Smyths Toys Superstores on a Dora...

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Ravensburger Educational Games Review 0

Ravensburger Educational Games Review

With the summer holidays spreading into a 7th week this year most parents are desperately looking for fun, low-cost, ideas when it comes to entertaining the children. Now while days out and adventures are lots of...

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My New Fridge – #freeyourpics

Our kitchen is the centre of our home. It’s the hub where all activity takes place. It’s where we meet, eat, laugh and cry….it’s where our family life comes alive. It’s recently had a facelift...

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Visiting High Beach, Epping Forest

This place holds so many childhood memories for me, I can’t honestly believe I left it this long before visiting High Beach with my own little family! Set within the imposing beauty of Epping...

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Me & Mine: The (Bumper) April Edition

We left it until almost the last day of the month to take this months photo – but it was well worth the wait. Last Sunday we had our daughters baptised. S attends a wonderful...

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Travel: The Bucket List (and some EXCITING news)

Yesterday some very exciting news landed at Essex HQ. After months of discussion, planning and emailing HR departments we have an answer, our American road trip is GO! There were lots of ‘if and...

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