I spent most of my late teens and early 20’s wandering around in a fashion wilderness not knowing what to wear.  I tried to follow fashion magazines, copy what I saw on TV, borrow clothes from my fashion forward friends but all to no avail, I still looked an awkward mess.  My mother has never been one for girly things. She taught me the offside rule by the time I was 6 and we’ve sat next to each other at football all my life, but I was never once shown how to blow dry my hair or educated about what clothes I was suited too, I just wore what was bought for me.

Then 5 years ago I read a magazine article that changed my life Read More →

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We haven’t had a buggy for 6 months now. O was just over 2 when our buggy days ended, our Quinny  had been around 6 years (serving three children along the way) and just wasn’t up for any more days of pounding the pavements with me and the minis. I contemplated getting another buggy, but it seamed such an expense for maybe only a few months use, plus O loved to walk and we would always have our Ergobaby Carrier for when those legs just couldn’t hack the distance we were covering that day.

O took this well, loving the freedom and embracing the chance to walk hand in hand with S like a big girl.  So I never looked back.  The underground became a breeze, I could use shops that didn’t have step free access and my boot was mine to fill with shopping bags once again. Read More →

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We haven’t always got on. I haven’t always seen your point of view, and you certainly haven’t always seen mine.  But then how boring would life be if everyone were the same?

Life has been tough at times, but I know you have always lived yours with my needs at the forefront. We may not be conventional, but we are us, and that’s something I’m so very proud of.

You have always shown me how to be strong; sometimes by example, sometimes by allowing me to make the opposite choice you did. Read More →

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Sophia The First Twitter Party

Woohoo we have been invited to a party! I do bloody love a party.

To celebrate the launch of the amazing Sophia The First Micro Playsets, UKMums.TV are hosting a twitter party on Thursday 18th September between 4-6pm, and we are very excited by be attending while hosting our own little Sophia The First micro party of own. Read More →

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A small pile of potatoes freshly dug from the ground.

….go potato picking. Read More →

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Six long glorious weeks of summer have come to an end and reality has come back to bite me in the bum.  S headed back to school last week and O went back to pre-school three days a week this Monday.

I still can’t work out how I feel about this.

One thing I do know is that now, with 3 days at home sans small people, I can finally put my master plan into action.  Having started a part-time job at the start of the summer (huge mistake, I missed the girls far too much), I have now taken a step back from the world of office work once again to concentrate on building up my own business.

It’s hard, the anxiety that comes with Read More →

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Since children have come along, my travelling desires have had to be curbed slightly to pay for fun things such as nappies! But the one silver lining to my lack of air miles over the past 6 years is the discovery of how beautiful holidays on our fine shore can be.  You don’t even have to go far, my most recent planning obsession is taking a boat along the Lee, past the Olympic Stadium and into London for a weekend canal mini-break.

The River Lee has always been a wonderful place for me.  Many teenage years were spent canoeing there with friends, and now as an adult I have watched my daughters play there with their Grandparents, making lifelong memories on the river bank.

There is something almost overwhelming about the River Lee, Viking longships Read More →

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Barbie Colour Change Handbag

It’s September – which mean I can finally drop the C bomb!

Christmas! There, I said.

Yes, it gets earlier and earlier each year. Yes, it goes on forever. Yes, it’s a commercialised hype. Do I care? No! I bloody love it.

Mainly as it’s a chance to spoil my girls without the fear of being judged (well some may still judge me, but then I’ll judge them right back for being a Grinch).

My girls get to ask Father Christmas for 5 things each. So far S has mentioned she may include Lego, Barbie, A Tablet, oh and CHICKENS to this list. Read More →

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This week the glorious lazy days of summer finally come to an end *sobs* and we are all getting ready for the ‘back to school’ race.

Last summer we had all our uniform bought and pressed by August 1st, S was starting big school and we were all very excited, but this year I have taken a little more relaxed approach to it all.  And when I say relaxed, I clearly mean I’ve ignored it all for as long as possible and then set about panicking in a very un-Bristsh like manor! Read More →

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During September Marsh Farm is celebrating it’s 30th Birthday (wow! almost as old as me) and they have some fantastic special guests joining them for Potato Picking Party on September 27th and 28th!

Peppa Pig is visiting Marsh Farm to help them celebrate their birthday and you could be there too! Read More →

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