Motherhood is a funny old game.  Never before had I found anyone or anything that could fill me with so much love and anger all at once.  They are the only two people in the world I cannot stay mad at.  More like me that I care to admit, my girls are stubborn know-it-alls that want to be centre of attention, until someone actually lets them and then they become painstakingly shy.  They don’t like being laughed at and want to achieve 100% perfection in all they do.  Praise junkies that are borderline geeks.  Girly girls that believe in fairytales and knights in shining armour, but that will climb to the top of the tree and come back covered in mud at any given opportunity.

When it came to Scarlett heading to primary school I had a little bit of a wobble getting used to the idea.  I just didn’t want any harm to come to my baby girl. All I want in life is for her to be happy, safe and confident.  I didn’t want anyone coming in and taking that away from her.

It was clear from the start school agreed with her.  A natural academic, she has quickly progressed through her reading and phonics, excelling past all my expectations.

Two weeks ago The Essex Husband and I found ourselves sitting in the school hall for parents evening.  I have to be honest, as a straight A’s student myself, I do expect my girls to excel in their schooling.  I try to help them the best I can without being pushy. Hoping to install in them pride in their work and a desire to do their very best (and then a little bit more on top). Guiding them to see what a good education can bring them.

The thing is though, once they go to school, so much of the day is spent apart from each other, and then they are so tired when they return home, as parents we aren’t always completely sure how things are going.

Parents evening will always make me nervous for that reason.

However, sitting there, listening to anther person speak so highly of child, and with such love in her voice, was overwhelming.  Knowing that my daughter made this person smile and laugh on a daily basis, knowing that she was as proud of Scarlett’s achievements as I was, made my heart swell with pride.

It goes without saying I was over the moon at the academic levels my baby is reaching, the girl is flying. But knowing that my daughter was loved and surrounded by friends, spending everyday at school with a smile on her face, that meant so much more. I skipped out of that hall on a cloud of mummy magic.  It took all I had not to post one of those Facebook statuses on the way home.


Pride.  I never fully knew what it felt like till I became a mother. But now I do…..and its bloody marvellous.

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6 Thoughts on “A Mothers Pride

  1. Suzanne3childrenandit on April 10, 2014 at 3:01 pm said:

    What a beautiful post this is. I always find it so heartwarming to hear about my wonderful, kind and caring child from her teachers – just wish I saw more of it at home! I initiated a new linky called ‘Loud n Proud’ which I share with some other bloggers. This is exactly what it’s for – taking the opportunity to shout about something you’re proud of. Link up If you fancy a today it’s here:

  2. Amy Ransom on April 10, 2014 at 4:01 pm said:

    You’re clearly playing a very active role in their education, which is a credit to you. Phonics scared the life out of me when we started in September but our 4 year old is making progress. No credit to me on that score however. Well done for being full of praise for your girls. I don’t think we do that openly enough and we probably should. Maybe just not on Facebook, as you say.

  3. Alice on April 10, 2014 at 4:19 pm said:

    I feel it in my heart… like a balloon that’s inflating and almost bursts! Ahh, aren’t they grand, our kids x

  4. Ruth Davies Knowles (@rocknrollerbaby) on April 10, 2014 at 9:03 pm said:

    She is a wonderful little girl with a personality and knowing which belies her age. You are very well to be extremely proud. X

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