Daffodils in the village, the first days when you leave the winter coat behind, that smell in the air. The first signs of spring are something to be celebrated, they mean a change is on the way.

I love spring, its my favourite time of year. I know I say that every time the season change, but there really is something magical about the springtime.

Its bring with it such promise, such eager anticipation for the warm days of summer that lie ahead. Days where your only clock is the shadows on the ground, your only curfew when you run out of beer or burgers for the BBQ. Those endless days of summer are ones to savour, but first we must really want them. Spring makes sure that happens. It teases us with

a few warm days. Reminds us of how good the sun feel on our back. Shows us what fun is to be had when we are all outdoors together. Then, quick as a flash, it takes it away again. Back is the wind and rain, bare ankles freezing in the playground of those caught out by the chance in temperature. Spring can be as cruel as it is wonderful.

That first weekend of spring though, like the one we have just had, is my very VERY favourite.

We spent Saturday celebrating Scarlett’s birthday in the Village Hall with friends and family, commenting, as frequently as only the British can, on how wonderful this change in weather was. We had such a lovely day. Scarlett was throughly spoilt and I never tire of having all my loved one in the same place.20140311-201545.jpg

Sunday came around and the sun still shone so we headed out to Hylands House for a spot of fun in the sun. I love this place, we are so lucky to have it on our doorstep. It felt so freeing to be back running round those beautiful grounds once again.



I couldn’t help but notice how much the girls had changed since we last had a sunny day at Hylands. In those 5 months of winter my baby has grown into a real little girl, and my little girl into a big one. They played chase, the cuddled, they squealed with delight at the smallest of things. They really are best of friends.


We walked, talked and ate Ice-cream. We just enjoyed being all together. Nothing fancy, just us.


Thank you spring for such a lovely, unexpected, sunny weekend. I can’t wait till you are here to stay


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