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Last month saw the launch of the new, and very exciting, Pho kids menu. Pho, the super awesome Vietnamese restaurant chain, has been successfully filling the bellies of hungry diners in the UK since their first restaurant opened in Clerkenwell in 2005, but, up until now, there had been no separate Pho kids menu.

We were invited down to their bustling Soho restaurant last Saturday afternoon to let our little ones loose on the new Pho kids menu to see if they gave it the two thumbs up.

Pho Kids Menu Review

The Pho kids menu is a scaled down version of their wonderful main menu. Sticking to the traditional Vietnamese street food they are famous for, just with smaller dishes that are less spicy than their adult counterparts. Read More →

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My spicy Thai soup recipe has evolved over many years. Firstly coming from a friend I used to work with, and then being adapted after finding a similar version in a cookbook I received last Christmas. It may not be fully authentically Thai but its blooming delicious, and that’s what matters most to me.

I’m a huge fan of adding chilies to food, as this spicy Thai soup recipe will testify. For that reason I was not surprised at all to see ‘Chillies Obsession’ as one of the key leading flavour trends in the 125th Anniversary Edition of Schwatz and McCormicks The Flavour Forecast. This report highlights the top five food trends (Chillies Obsession, Modern Masala, Clever Compact Cooking, Mexican World Tour and Charmed By Brazil) and more than a dozen emerging flavours predicted to impact the way we eat in the coming years.

Here is my very own Chili Obsession.

Spicy Thai Soup Recipe

Ingredients (serves two) Read More →

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Chili Beef Stir Fry Recipe

To celebrate Chinese New Year this week Tesco kindly sent me a new work to whip up some Oriental goodness for my family.  I couldn’t resist making my very favorite Chili Beef Stir Fry Recipe for its maiden voyage.

I love this Chili Beef Stir Fry Recipe as its a tasty way to use up left-overs from a roast beef, making it perfect for reducing your food waste and making your food budget stretch a further. Read More →

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5 Ways With Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche is a wonderfully healthy alternative to cream – great for livening up a meal or snack.

5 Ways With Creme Fraiche

1. Potato Salad

The first in our 5 Ways With Creme Fraiche is this lovely potato salad.  Boil 500g of halved new potatoes for about 20 minutes before mixing them in a bowl with  5 tbsp of creme fraiche, 2tbsp of horseradish and a handful of snipped fresh chives. Read More →

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Creme Fresh Chocolate Pots

These lovely Creme Fraiche Chocolate Pots are made with Weight Watchers Creme Fresh and low-fat whipped cream so are a slightly less naughty way to have a little of what you fancy.

Creme Fraiche Chocolate Pots

Makes 4 small ramekins (very rich so you don’t need much) Read More →

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After starting 2014 in my other favourite city, NYC, it was good to get my feet back on home soil last week. One of the joys that my job brings is I can do it anywhere. Yes, it may not be conducive to the perfect work-life balance to work when I’m away, but it is conducive to my bank balance. And a healthy bank balance means lots of holidays. So there is a method in my madness somewhere.

While I was away I received an invite to One Canada Square Restaurant in London’s iconic Canary Wharf for the Saturday after my homecoming. What more perfect way to get back into London life than Brunch with two of my besties, Ruth and Katy, and a whole host of other amazing twitter folk in the heart of the city. Naturally my answer was yes.

Essex And The City – Friday 22nd January 2014

Read More →

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Tesco Healthy Living Range

Yes its that time of year when all the New Year, New Me declarations are made.  Some people find this annoying. receptive, unbelievable (but these are often the same people who moan at their own shadow for being to close), I on the other hand find them inspiring. I love how a new year can give you a chance to start again.

Tesco have launched their new Tesco Healthy Living Range this January, right in time for everyone looking for a healthy alternative to pop in their trolley.

From prepared meals, salads and salad dressings to dessert and snacks, the Tesco Healthy Living Range is all about being big on taste but low on calories. Read More →

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It’s not uncommon for parents to require a little help when it comes to encouraging their children to enjoy a balanced diet. You may feel a little confused by certain food types or alternatively find that you’re lacking in the skills needed to inspire your little ones to try new things.

The good news is you don’t need a degree in nutrition in order to promote a healthy, balanced diet plan.

Cook at home

 Cooking at home has a number of benefits – it’s cost-effective, you know exactly what it is that you are serving and it’s a great way to teach your kids a few culinary skills. Opting to embark on a weekly shop at the beginning of the week is a great idea and will ensure you have enough food in store for the remainder.

Items such as McCain oven chips are a great option for those who possess a hectic lifestyle yet also those who wish to promote healthy treats. Oven chips can contain as little as 5% fat, yet despite this, they still taste great and are a good choice for kids who require a great deal of energy, as potatoes are an excellent contribution to a weekly meal plan.

Cook with the kids

 On a rainy day, instead of sitting in front of the TV, use this time to teach your kids how to cook a number of simple meals. Cooking with certain food types will allow you to teach them the benefits of each food source.

It’s important to encourage your children to try new foods at a young age as food preferences are often developed early in life. Sitting down to a family meal is therefore a great idea as your little ones will often want to eat what you’re eating.


 It’s important to encourage a balanced diet, which shouldn’t mean ruling out sweets completely. Occasional treats are fine but dessert shouldn’t become the main reason for eating for dinner. It’s therefore important to stay neutral about certain foods.

Eat at the table

 Kids today are often ensconced by a number of TV programmes, computer games and technology. Such activities can encourage mindless snacking so when it comes to dinnertime, it’s important to sit down together as a family – without any distractions!

Be a role model

 Kids will often follow in your footsteps, which means it’s imperative that you set a good example. This means eating healthy foods with them while setting the best example possible.

Post in partnership with McCain

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Non Alcoholic Baileys Coffee

Being a coffee lover like I am its no surprise that a Liqueur coffee is up there is one of my favorite after dinner treats. This non-alcoholic Baileys Coffee version is perfect for those pesky nights you find yourself nominated driver for the evening.

Non Alcoholic Baileys Coffee

To make 4 servings of non-alcoholic Baileys Coffee you will d

  • 8 tsp of Light Muscovado or Golden Granulated Sugar
  • 800ml freshly-made coffee, by whichever method you prefer
  • 150ml Baileys dessert cream*

1. Warm 4 glasses (about 250ml size) by filling them with hot water, then draining and drying off.

2. Fill each glass with approximately 200ml fresh hot coffee and 2 teaspoons of sugar.

3. Swirl to dissolve the sugar and then slowly pour the Baileys cream into each glass over the back of a teaspoon, so that it floats – do not stir it again.

4. Sit back and enjoy your Non Alcoholic Baileys Coffee

Non Alcoholic Baileys Coffee

*Ingredients: Double Cream, Sugar, BAILEYS® Original Irish Cream Liqueur (6%), Alcohol. Contains Milk – So there is a hint of alcohol involved but its minimal.

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Christmas Day Breakfast

A special day needs a special breakfast.

Our Christmas Day Breakfast Menu has been a tradition over the past few years. Perfect way to start the day as we mean to go on; with indulgence and alcohol.

My 4-year-old is a huge fan on smoked salmon, as it my Mother, so the bagels are their special treat. My husband and I prefer a sausage sandwich, and my choice for Christmas day is always Giggly Pig lemon and fennel (best sausages EVER!) in thick granary bread.

Drinks are always the same; Read More →

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