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Win an Ella bay by Mia Tui

A few weeks back I was on here raving about how much I am loving my new Ella Bag by Mia Tui and since then I have ordered myself another bag from the range (plus grabbed myself a free bag too, thanks to their fab spring offers)

With all of this in mind you can imagine how excited I am to be able to announce this amazing give-away!

WIN an Ella bag by Mia Tui

Thanks to Mia Tui Bags and you lucky lot are being given a chance Read More →

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Motherhood is a funny old game.  Never before had I found anyone or anything that could fill me with so much love and anger all at once.  They are the only two people in the world I cannot stay mad at.  More like me that I care to admit, my girls are stubborn know-it-alls that want to be centre of attention, until someone actually lets them and then they become painstakingly shy.  They don’t like being laughed at and want to achieve 100% perfection in all they do.  Praise junkies that are borderline geeks.  Girly girls that believe in fairytales and knights in shining armour, but that will climb to the top of the tree and come back covered in mud at any given opportunity.

When it came to Scarlett heading to primary school I had a little bit of a wobble getting used to the idea.  I just didn’t want any harm to come to my baby girl. All I want in life is for her to be happy, safe and confident.  I didn’t want anyone coming in and taking that away from her.

It was clear from the start school Read More →

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Raymond Bottone Salon

It is always a pleasure to visit the lovely team at The Raymond Bottone salon in Brentwood.  The staff are so down to Earth that it is more like a morning spent with old friends than your hair dresser, and they are so damn talented that you ever fail to leave without a smile on your face and not a hair out of place.

I was there last week for stage one of my ‘getting ready for the sunshine’ makeover (stage two being a spray tan the very next day) and boy was I in for a treat. Read More →

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Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 14.50.24

I’m getting a bit good at the being stylish lark now.  New hair, new clothes, an Essex tan and now a brand new bag to top the look off.

Well when I say bag I actually mean changing bag (pesky kids), but at least with one as stylish as the Mia Tui Ella bag I don’t need to let on that I am actually carrying around half a bag of rice cakes and a portable potty everywhere I go. Doesn’t exactly scream fashionista does it?

My Mia Tui Ella bag has been everywhere with me over the past few weeks.  Award ceremonies, school runs, work meetings and even a weekend away.  It is honestly the first changing bag I have had the fits all my needs and never looks out-of-place.  I have others that are extremely stylish, but they always still looked like a changing bag to me.  This bag really does just look like a regular handbag….until you open it up and see the Aladdin’s cave appear that is.

Mia Tui features include: Read More →

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#NYNYStyleProject March Prompts

How can it be time for the #NYNYStyleProject March Prompts already? This year is flying past.

I’m sat here, sun streaming though the window (although it’s still freezing outside), dreaming of spring and all the wonder and beauty it brings forth.  The excitement of seeing that first daffodil in the village, the cute baby lambs at the farm and, most importantly, those first few days where just a light jacket will do.

Spring also brings with it many other wardrobe changes, from which many of the #NYNYStyleProject March Prompts take their inspiration. Clothes become Read More →

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Pay It Forward

I am a big fan of the ‘pay it forward’ way of thinking. Do good to someone and they will go on to do good for someone else.  Your good deed, smile or hug could start off a chain of happiness that goes around the would. That’s pretty powerful don’t you think?

Katy, my fabulous friend from, started off one such chain this week. She was asked by Debenhams to create a chain of happiness by choosing a bracelet for two lucky bloggers to receive, and then those two bloggers (myself and both get to choose two more bloggers to share the love with. Read More →

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Ladies and gentlemen, I have made a wonderful discovery. is a fashion site, selling favorites such as Boden, Monsoon, Mini Boden and Laura Ashley, at prices that will make you smile from ear to ear. – Beautiful Clothes Bargain Prices sell factory surplus clothing from many high street stores, meaning its of great quality yet gets to be offered at very low prices. Fab for those fashion conscious savvy shoppers out there.

I’ve never been one to always have to have that seasons clothes, preferring to find a style that suits me and stick to it, so this site is perfect for me.

This site itself its easy to navigate, and my order arrived within 48 hours! Read More →

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F&F Lingerie

I have been a very lucky girl this year and already received my first Valentines present of 2014 (#StillGotIt).

A box arrived for me this week containing chocolates, bath products and a lovely set of F&F Lingerie. I knew instantly it wasn’t from The Essex Husband, his idea of romance is bag a chips and kiss on the lips, so spent a good few moments wondering what secret admirer I may have. A quick look at the card told me all I needed to know, F&F want to be my Valentine….bless them! Read More →

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My wardrobe is mainly full of  dresses, my staple everyday style, but I also need plenty of outdoor clothing for the rural (and by that I mean muddy) villages where I spend most of my days.

SS14 Boden Picks

Amongst my favorite retailers, Boden always stands out thanks to the way in which it injects such fun into everyday items of clothing. Some my find their pattens twee, others moan that every yummy mummy you pass are wearing their florals, but I, however, am a big fan.  A large percentage of my, and my children’s, wardrobes can be traced back to that great catalogue.

Here are my SS14 Boden picks for their top 5 floral outfits. Read More →

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#nynystyleproject round up

So the first 31 days of our #NYNYStyleProject are almost over. It has been an amazing debut month for us. Thousands of tweets and pictures from all over the world. We couldn’t have asked for a better launch.

There have been some amazing photos shared, such inspiring fashion and style on show.

Big thanks to everyone who has been joining in – here are some of my favorites for January. Read More →

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