Back in the day (I’m showing my age by even just using this phrase) Faces Nightclub in Gants Hill was where it was AT! Everyone wanted to be seen there. From C-list to even sometimes A-list, Faces has had its fair share of famous types through the door, and, as a (former) good time girl, it was the ONLY place I wanted to spend my weekends.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday (Saturday was always West End or local bar) I would be there, Gold membership in hand, ready to dance the night away.

Then, just after I turned 24, I met a boy, had a baby, bought a house and realised that my clubbing days were on hold. Not over, not by a long stretch, just on hold.

I moved areas, and my old stomping ground was too far away to get back to for a night out. Where I live now wasn’t the best in terms of nightlife until the last year or so. All we had before then were a handful of bars, few pubs and a sticky floored nightclub (Chinawhite it was not!)

Then I heard a rumour, Faces was opening a Kitchen Bar (whatever that meant) on my doorstep. It was like the mothership calling me home.

Last weekend it was a friend’s birthday (and a BIG birthday at that) so we booked a table for dinner and (many) cocktails. The food was AMAZING. I had a risotto that I didn’t want to end, even nicking a friends chips to scoop up the last of the sauce with, and the cocktails (especially my beloved Porn Star Martinis) were fabulous.


It isn’t like Faces of old, except for the same owner who is always there making sure it’s all running smoothly, it’s more like a grown up version of the club I  loved so dear. A huge bar in the centre, classic light decor, an open kitchen and dining area, plus scope for a fantastic riverside alfresco area in the summer. It had a really chilled vibe, there certainly wasn’t the rowdy atmosphere you get with some late night bars.

I would go there with my girlfriends, have date night there with my husband and even take the children for Sunday lunch. How many places can you say that about?

I am impressed, finally somewhere decent to go out locally….even for an old girl like me!

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