Sometimes the best ideas are the ones you just run with. No thinking, no worrying, just action. So when I tweeted ‘Does anyone fancy lunch in Paris with me?’, when Eurostar were doing one of their fab seat sales, I was extremely excited to have a ‘Yes!’ straight back from one of my very favourite blogger friends (and in fact now real life friend) Kate.

While I may be a mother, wife and general all round busy bee I am coming round to the idea that actually sometimes I need to take the day off. Escape. Recharge. It’s not me admitting failure, I see that now. It’s just me acknowledging that without a little investment my mind, body and soul will slowly start to fail, and that wouldn’t be any good for any of us!

Train journey essentials

Train journey essentials

So there we were, 8am, standing in the departures of St Pancras ready for my most exciting #52adventures experience yet.

We walked, talked, ate, drank….it was like one of the wonderful first dates you see in movies, just without the dramatic kiss in the rain at the end.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

photo 3

I would love to write in detail about every aspect of the day, from the stunning architecture of Notre Dame to the sheer overwhelming feeling of joy I had standing under and Eiffel Tower all lit up, but in honestly I think I just let the day wash over me. I wasn’t dictated by work, I didn’t have to write about my day, remember every last detail with photos to accompany them, I could just ‘be’.

photo 4

Love locks on pont des arts

photo 5

I cleared my head and put things in order, found inspiration and lost worries along the river bank.

Paris was the start of a new chapter.

It was the start of a new me.

A me who takes chances, a me who isn’t controlled by fear of failure, a me that enjoys life.

Somewhere between Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower I found a part of me that had been missing for so long.

I found my drive and determination. I took back control.

Watch out world, I’m coming for you!


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3 Thoughts on “#52Adventures Week 3: Une journée à Paris

  1. Kate/WitWitWoo on February 13, 2015 at 11:45 am said:

    A lovely post Alice! And if you wanted a snog, you only needed to ask! :) x

  2. God I love Paris. It’s definitely one of my favourite cities… and after reading this I totally want to just go for the day on a romantic date from the movies type of day. So glad you had a lovely day. x

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