December was a strange month. I thought I was OK, but looking back now I realise I was walking around in a grief induced haze most of the time. For some it must be hard to understand why losing my mother-in-law caused so much pain, but she was my friend, a second mother really…..and my heart is broken and life has changed forever with her passing. So December was hard. Very hard.

The thing about the bad times though is you realise who your friends are, the people who, no matter how infrequently you may see them, show they are thinking if you in the most kindest of ways.

AEW Visits…Cranleigh Golf & Country Club

Mid December, just a few days before the funeral, I put a pin in real life for a while and met up with my wonderful friend (and amazing blogger) Katy for a spa day at Cranleigh Golf & Country Club. I met Katy just 18 moths ago, but in that time
we’ve shared some rather wonderful weekends away at Camp Bestival and more nights out and blogger events than I can remember. She has become my friend. I may not see her as much as I would like, but as soon as we are together it’s like we’ve never been apart.

Cranleigh Park & Country Club was the perfect setting for our relaxing day. Picture perfect, traditional golf club, with a beautiful barn playing host to the bar and restaurant. My treatment, a full body massage, was divine, and my therapist very knowledge and experienced. It was the hour I needed. My mind was taken to a place where I was finally able switch off, and every muscle in my body turned to jelly. I actually felt very emotional once it had finished, like a tap had been turned on and I could finally deal with the feelings I had been bottling up.


After a little swim in their indoor pool, and a dip in the jacuzzi it was time to meet back up with Katy and have some lunch. We had a lot to talk about, life had thrown a rough deal at both of us recently and it was nice to have time to put the world to rights and plan our world domination for 2015. Katy is the kind of friend everyone needs, she’s a keeper.

I’m extremely jealous that Katy has Cranleigh Golf & Country Club on her doorstep. It was almost a two hour drive for me, but I’ll certainly be doing the drive again if it means more spa time with friends. If I was local they’d be no doubting the fact that I’d sign up for membership, but I guess it’ll just have to be the occasional spa day there for me.

I would highly recommend a spa day at Cranleigh Golf & Country Club, its relaxed, welcoming and beautiful…..I cannot wait to get a chance to return.

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