The decorations are down, toys in their new homes and in very exciting news we have workmen booked in for the end of the month to re-do most of the downstairs of our house. We’ve hit the ground running in 2015, it’s all going to plan so far.

Life is going by so fast, in less than two months my oldest daughter turns 6. SIX? How did we get here so fast? She is the most amazing young lady. Funny, driven, caring, loyal, beautiful. She makes every day an adventure. Firecy strong willed, with the most highly enquisitve nature. She’s going to rule the wold one day, im sure of it.

I’m so thankful that I have had the pleasure of watching her grow and thrive.  The pain I feel when I think of her first 18 months, with me working full time, is heartbreaking.  It needed to be done.  We were buying  house, we were young and just finding our feet.  I had to work and I’m very proud that I made that sacrifice to support my family.  Yet now, 5 years later, I’ve never been happier. Working from home, being there for all drop off and pick ups. Seeing the everyday, mundane, challenges of life first hand.  Sewing ribbons on to ballet shoes, pairing socks that get lost in the wash, reading stories and building blanket forts from which we can plan our hopes and dreams.

It can be hard, they test my patience and I miss the money that come with a full time job, but sometimes, when I wake up and fancy doing something spur of the moment, I wouldn’t chanced my frazzled, broke life for anything.

When S went to school a little of our spontaneity had to end. We have timetables to work to, deadlines to meet. So when the school holidays roll around it’s hard not to let out a little ‘whoop’ of joy! We can stay in our PJs until noon, or leave at the crack of dawn for a day out exploring somewhere new. Bedtimes can me missed and breakfast can be eaten out.  This break from routine, escape from reality, only further serves to highlight just how much my girls have grown.  Every six week I get some uninterrupted time to take stock, see them for the people they are becoming. Get to know their new quirks and obsessions.

Take last Tuesday for example.  The Essex Husband had left us and returned to work, so it was just the three musketeers once again.  We decided that breakfast wold be best served at Frankie and Bennies (hellooooo Bloody Marys) so took a walk to the edge of town and found ourselves a table. My biggest girl picked up the menu and ordered for herself; pancakes, bacon, syrup and a peppermint tea. It was like she went from girl to young lady in front of my eyes. In that moment I could have cried. Pride for the young lady she is, excitement for the woman she will become, and just a hint of sadness for the baby we’ve left behind.

I always thought it would be the big milestones that made the difference in this parenting journey….but every day I am reminded that its actually lots of little things that will mean the most.


Like looking at this girl, my girl, drinking her peppermint tea.

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7 Thoughts on “Being Thankful: School Holidays

  1. Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy on January 4, 2015 at 2:09 pm said:

    Aww how lovely, that is so cute that she ordered a peppermint tea. Sounds like you’re raising two wonderful little ladies. Happy New Year :)

  2. Katie @mummydaddyme on January 4, 2015 at 8:52 pm said:

    This is a gorgeous post Alice and I completely agree with everything you have written. Firstly I feel so lucky that I have been given the opportunity to work for myself, if it had been 5 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to do it cause we were stuck in a ridiculously high 5 year fixed mortgage rate. Now it’s relaxed a little I can work from home, money isn’t flash but we are comfortable- most of all I can be there with my girls though yet still have a career- I have to pinch myself sometimes. I am dreading Mads going to school this year, I am relishing our lazy days while I can. You sound so proud of your girls and quite rightly so. PS I love Frankie and Benny’s breakfasts! x

    • AnEssexWife on January 8, 2015 at 8:14 am said:

      I was so focused on money before I had the girls…always wanting everything in my life to be bigger ad better. Now I love the little things, children give you such a fresher outlook on what’s important.

  3. Oh she looks so grown up and we LOVE a F&B’s breakfast! x

  4. We did similar once Mr T went back to work and went for breakfast. Look at your little lady being so grown up with her tea. What an absolute cutie xx

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