What makes the perfect place to raise a family?

For some people, it’s being close to the best schools in the area. For others, it’s having plenty of activities to keep both the little ones and adults entertained. Whilst other parents believe the perfect location to raise a family will be nearby to large spans of grassy terrain and fresh air. Everybody has a different opinion as to what makes the perfect location for raising a young family, but here are 5 reasons why the brand new homes in Chelmsford are getting snapped up so quickly…

1.     Statistics don’t lie

Back in 2010, a one-off study was produced, asking 3,000 families from each region of the UK a range of questions to decipher how content they were with their family life. Chelmsford topped the bill, describing their quality of life as ‘very good’, whilst reporting to spend a lot of time with a close circle of friends and family due to the close-knit community they were a part of.

73% commented that their work load was manageable and they enjoyed the company of work colleagues.

2.     Child-friendly

The city centre has become a relative haven for families with children. The recent initiative from the council has been the popular ‘Kiddi Cabs’.  This initiative allows the kids to keep amused by “driving” around the city centre whilst parents do their shopping. It has been proven to inspire a more calm shopping experience.

3.     Great schools

Did you know that Chelmsford has two of the best grammar schools in the country? King Edward VI Grammar School and Chelmsford County High School for Girls regularly churns out talented pupils who go on to do great things – from FA cup winning footballers to Turner Prize winners and politicians.

4.     Café culture

The town has an abundance of cafés – from cosmopolitan independent coffee shops to hearty greasy spoons. You will be sure to get to know a few of the locals here. All food places in the area allow and cater for children also.

5.     Open space

Hylands Park is a huge expanse of grass with a beautiful grade II listed building in its centre. For families with both children and dogs, this is an ideal hotspot for exercise – particularly when the sun is beaming during the summer period.

It turns out Chelmsford is a beautiful place to bring up young children; it is clear why so many homeowners are flocking there.

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