I’ve made some fabulous friends since having children, especially since S has stared school.  I may have only known them a few years, but some of these girls are becoming my very best friends.

It started with coffee, then lunches, followed by dinner at each other’s houses and a few drunken nights out….and now we are onto planning a weekend away.

A weekend of no children, no husbands, no work, no stress….no problem!

Well there is just one problem…deciding where to go!  We know we want a nice spa hotel, less than 1.5 hours flight, great food and lots of culture. We also want wine, lots of wine!

 Where Should I Book For A Girls Weekend?

So where should go?  I think we should let holidaygems.co.uk decide…

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 09.30.25[1]

The quiz allows you to make the following choices;

  • ·      The month you want to go on holiday
  • ·      The temperature of the destination
  • ·      How long they are happy to travel
  • ·      Activities they want to participate in
  • ·      How many people will be travelling

and then provides you with a suggested destination based on your individual requirements. How clever?

Are where does it say we should go…..? IBIZA! (slightly over the 1.5 flight time but I can deal with that! It’s Ibiza after all!)

If you have a holiday to plan next summer why not let the quiz give you some ideas on where to go….I’d love to hear what it comes up with for you!

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