The ones where everything conspires against you

The one where your children have forgotten that if you are looking for a school jumper the wardrobe is a good place to start

The ones where nothing is where you left it the night before

The ones where the shower is cold and the towel is damp

The ones where you sneeze just after putting on your mascara and end up looking like you should be on a mating programme with Chi-Chi at London Zoo

The ones where every red light catches you

The ones where you drop your children to a friend as you need to be in London early – only to find you’ve left your phone at home an need to head back across town to get it

The ones where you berate yourself for not being able to live without a phone, but know you’d spend all day worrying that the school has rung with a problem and that you can’t survive in London without Google maps

The ones where the traffic getting back into town to get to the station is so bad you wonder how early everyone must normally leave to get to work on time

The one where you rush to the cash point and it’s out of order and you have to queue for the only working one around the corner making you late for the train

The ones where you have to tell the press secretary of a Westminster Minster that you’ll be later for a meeting – probably one of the most important meetings you’ve ever had

The ones where it’s 11am, you’re grumpy and tired and you realise that’s its most likely due to the fact you forgot to have breakfast


The ones where you the finally get a coffee and a moments peace and realise that it’s almost lunchtime and through the stress of the morning you haven’t thought about your children once

The ones where that realisation, and resulting guilt, makes you feel like you’ve been hit in the stomach

The ones where you then think that you have life pretty good and who are you to moan about smudged mascara and missed train

The ones where that guilt makes you feel like a house has fallen on your chest, and the panic sets in that karma will punish such selfish thoughts

The ones where you realise life is harder now

The ones where you realise this because you have a fire in your belly again

The ones where you realise you are making a place for yourself in the world again and have a future to look forward to

The ones where you realise there will be many more days like this ahead

The ones where you realise that’s OK

The ones where you remember life is good in the fast last

The ones where you remember tomorrow is Saturday

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One Thought on “AEW Asks…Ever Had One Of Those Mornings…

  1. Katie @mummydaddyme on November 24, 2014 at 9:17 pm said:

    I have these days often Alice, in fact I had one today. Sometimes it’s the little niggly things that can sent me on a grumpy path all day. But like you say, deep down we have it pretty good and often you just need to remind yourself of that. x

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