Dearest S,

The first 6 weeks are over and we are currently enjoying a hard-earned week together away from the pressures of school and work.

As always I’m so proud of you S. Your intelligence astounds me, but it’s more than that, your dedication and general zest for learning makes my heart burst. You are so driven, so focused, so willing to learn. You make every day an adventure. School wise you have flown through the term, reaching level nine in your reading and working with year two for your literacy lessons. You are my mini-me geek and I love it!

Out of class we have seen your friendships blossom and grow.  After our holiday in the Lakes over the summer you, Lucy and Mya are closer than ever, plus you often have Bailey and Charlie bidding for your heart….you are such a popular little lady, I guess they all see the beauty that I see too.


Your dancing has really improved, I love seeing you in your ballet whites and am also as nervous/excited as you are about your first exam in December.  This term you have also taken up piano lessons, you are certainly a lot more creative than I have ever been.

You can test my patience, but mainly because you are more like me than I would ever care to admit. Like a mirror to the person I am and the child I was.

You are so funny, with a real wicked side to your sense of humour. Your giggle is infectious, and your belly laugh is such a dirty cackle.  Sometimes I invent games up so just I can tickle you to hear that laugh. I wish I could bottle it.

You are such a treasure, and I promise to make this week together full of special measures. Life is speeding by (I can’t believe you have been a big sister for three years next month) – I want to drink of every moment of these hazy childhood days.  Soon enough you’ll be too big to sit on my lap, or too cool to want to hang out with me, but, for now, I am your world and you are mine, and I promise to make these days as perfect as I possibly can.

You, and your very own little mini-me, are the best things that have ever happened in my life.  I’m so proud of how you are achieving so much both in and out of school….but, my darling S, I’m just pleased you are happy.  For that’s all I could ever really wish for, and all I ever want.

I love you Lottie-Lou,

Mummy xx

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