Spending the day together, just the four of us, having an adventure or two, that, right there, is what I live for. This week is full of adventures.  We have already had an AMAZING day at Bewilderwood (more about that soon), tomorrow we are heading to London for a Pizza making workshop and a spot of sightseeing and then Thursday sees us head to France for the day for a mini-adventure (and booze haul for the grown-ups). I’m rubbish at doing nothing, I need to have plans, adventures and dreams up my sleeve at all times to enable to me relax at all.

In years to come, when the girls are a little older I have such plans for the adventures we will have.  The places we will visit, the journeys we will take….it’s all planned out for fear of forgetting anything.  We only get once chance at life….and as cheesy as that is, I really want to get it right.

I first discovered The Family Adventure Company when they won Best Family Tour Operator at the 2014 Travel Awards, and straight away I knew that I had found myself a gem.  With trips like trekking the Inca Trail or sailing the Amalfi Coast I would never want to com home.  The prices, considering the planning involved and all that is included in the trips, are actually very good – and the fact that they are designed for families, without being full of plastic play centres and dodgy entrainment, really appeals to my inner holiday snob.

The Family Adventure Company Competition

Right now (until Friday 31st Oct 2014) The Family Adventure Company are hosting a Facebook competition to win a family adventure to Andorra.  All you need to do to enter is visit The Family Adventure Company’s Facebook page and answer three simple questions.

Good Luck! (Although i’ve just entered….so maybe i’ll keep all the luck for myself!)

The Family Adventure Company

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