Lego, who doesn’t love Lego? Well apart from my bank balance- it’s not cheep is it? Especially if you are as addicted to buying it as I am! But with the wonderful people at Suppose searching around for the best deals on so many toys, including lego, I have been able to find more and more excuses to stock up on new sets for the girls.

Currently on my girl’s Lego wish-list are…

Police helicopter
Lego friends juice bar
Little Mermaid Lego
Lifeboat Lego
Plus all of the Lego Movie range!

Being the super mum I am (or being the Lego loving big kid I am), hunting round for the best deal on these sets has become somewhat of a life mission of mine.


My most recent win was Suppose finding the LEGO City Coast Guard set £7.98 instead of £14.99 and then asking me too share the fab find with you all in return for being sent the set myself to play with (well they may have wanted the girls to play with it….but I got there first!).

Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 09.40.52The set is perfect for a ‘well done for surviving the first half term’ gift  (I may* have given in a little test run before I handed it over to the girls) – and I know we will be having hours of fun with it.  In our house there is no such thing as boys and girls lego….S and O couldn’t care less the colour of the box, it’s all up for grabs as far as they are concerned. That’s my girls!

Thanks to for such a fab half term treat!

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