Sometimes I need to take a break from real work and spend time working on my imaginary life.

This ‘imaginary life’ is normally based around something I have been reading, eating or watching on TV.  Living in NYC, escaping to the country or island hopping in Greece with my beautiful family in tow; these have all been recent travelling daydreams of mine.

Traveling Daydreams

I love to explore. Whether that be here in the UK or around the world, life is too short to stay in one place. (As I type Carrie Bradshaw has just arrived in Paris and I’ve made a mental note to google Eurostar prices once I finish this post). I’m easily led and want to see as much of the world as possible, I want to experience as much as I can in this short little life we are given. I live to make memories (cheesy, but true).

Since having children my traveling daydreams have increased (don’t worry, I plan on taking them with me).  I have taken them to NYC in the snow, travelled around lots of the UK, have spent our summers at festivals and travelled with them to France and Spain. (not bad for 5 years of parenting).

Traveling Daydreams – The 5 Year Plan

Staying true to my desire to plan everything down to the last detail, I even have a list of traveling daydreams.

1. Island hopping in Greece.

I had the most amazing holiday on Santorini aged 20 and have dreamed of going back ever since.

I had the most amazing holiday on Santorini aged 20 and have dreamed of going back ever since.

Now this was always one of my pre-children traveling daydreams. Find a man, fall in love and spend a summer hopping from one romantic destination to another (I’m not the only one that dreams of this either – it was recently voted as one of Celebrity Cruises Most Romantic Destinations).  Now we have children there may be less sunbathing and a little more splash park action, but this trip is still going to be AMAZING. I have it planned for when the girls are 5 and 8, I think this will be a great age for lots of adventures (but old enough that the thought of them being on and off boats wont fill me with fear)

2. Disneyland and a Florida road-trip

With my father living in Florida for my teenage years the sunshine state has a special place in my heart. We have pencilled in a family trip for Easter 2016, that will combine Disney with a week-long road-trip (I’m not very good at staying in one place). The rough outline for the trip is; Fly to Miami, night in West Palm Beach (and show the girls where Grandad used to live when I was younger), 4 days at Disney, 4 Days in Tampa, then down to Naples and across the I75 (aka Alligator Alley) before ending up back in Miami for a few days before we head home.

3. Route 1 Iceland

This is a recent addition to the Traveling Daydreams list at Essex HQ. Route 1 (the ring round that runs round the whole of the country) is 830 miles of pure adventure and surprises. Encircling Iceland, and taking in all the major towns, this will be the perfect way to spend 10 days as a family! Who doesn’t love a road trip??

Traveling Daydreams – Food (ALL the food!) #tasteoftravel

The other part of travelling I love? Food. ALL THE FOOD.  I could happily eat my way around the world. Couldn’t you? (Check out the other Celebrity Cruises #tasteoftravel entires here)

My ultimate traveling daydreams menu…

Starter – Muska Boregi (cheese & spinach filo triangles) 

My aunt and uncle spent some of my childhood living on a boat in Turkey, meaning lots of  lovely holidays there as a child. One of my most vivid memories of these hazy sunshine days was the discovery of Muska Boregi, I literally ate it every day (sometimes for lunch AND dinner).

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 12.24.33

Main – Tex Mex

I have loved America for as long as I remember.  I first visited aged 7, travelling to Oklahoma and Texas to stay with fmaily friends – and discovered the joy of Tex Mex in the process. Cheese, refried beans, salsa, sour cream, chillies, tacos, nachos….whats not too love? Fajita Fridays is a staple at Essex HQ.

Dessert – Baklava

Another discovery from my summers in Turkey. This sticky sweet and nutty treat goes perfect with a tiny cup of strong coffee. I love them. Every time we have the Med Market come to town I eat my body weight in them! (I also stock up on cinnamon cashews at the same time.)

So there we have it; My top three places to visit, my top three foods to eat…..and the answer to why I’ll never be thin.

I’m off to google flights….

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