Following the amazing coverage of Vogue fashion’s night out at Superdry International Regent St last month I have been lusting after most of the A/W14 range! Now I accept that some of the collection may be a little ‘young’ for me these days, but that doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate some of their pieces into my style.  Got to stay ‘down with the kids’ somehow haven’t I?

Superdry A/W14 Woman’s Coat Picks

I was generously offered my pick of the Superdry A/W14 collection to review, and jumped at the chance to get my hands on a new coat for the winter. They have a fab collection of coats for AW14….

1. Everest Slim Polar Coat £124.99

2. Hooded Super Windcheater £109.99

3. Alpine Duffle £184.99

4. Super Raincoat £129.99
photo 1

I have been looking for a certain coat for a while now. Not one I’d ever actually seen, just something I created in my mind I thought would be perfect.  I do this quite a lot, I like to call it my ‘Phantom Fashion Find’.  It’s fun really, like a treasure hunt to play each new season!

Anyway, I digress! This season I have been looking for a ‘Paddington Bear’ style coat.  Think big duffles, lots of pockets and really snuggly. Well would you believe it…..I only went and found one on the Superdry site!

My My Superdry A/W14 Woman’s Coat Pick for 2014….

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 19.49.25

Superdry Everest Duffle Coat £129.99

It is sooooo warm. The fit it perfect, so wonderfully well cut.  Lots of pockets, and deep pockets at that so they don’t feel bulked out by my phone and keys.  Perfect! I’d recommend it to anyone looking for their next favourite ‘big coat’ for winter.

So there we have it, I’m not too old to wear Superdry…..and I have a beautiful new winter coat. I’d call that a win!



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