The ‘List of 5’ always provides a good talking point when with friends, a heated debate is guaranteed when the subject is raised. The American sitcom Friends even managed to make a whole episode around the subject in ‘The One with Frank Jr’!

Now it’s quite easy to make a list of 5 celebrities you would like to be romanced by (I would say sleep with, but I’ve heard a rumour my Mother reads my blog!) so I took my own spin on it and  created my own version ‘The list of 5 – The ones you’d never admit to’ aka My ‘Other’ Laminated List.

My ‘Other’ Laminated List

This idea came about during a conversation with a childless friend about how our taste in men changing as we are getting older.  Gone are the bad boys we lusted over in our late teens/early twenties (think Colin Farrell and Robbie Williams) and in were men like Jamie Redknapp that we could settle down and raise a family with, in our dreams of course.  I happen to mention my love of a certain Mr Bloom, with his adorable smile and charming accent, my friend agreed saying she loved his last film.  It was only then I realised that she was talking about Orlando when my heart was reserved for the welly boot wearing gardener of CBeebies fame!

I knew I could not be the only one lusting after him and after a quick Google search I found I was correct –there were hundreds of mums commenting on how much they’d like to get their hands on my Mr Bloom!   One person even confessed their love for Mr Tumble!!!!

So it got me thinking who is there out there I like the look of, that, until now, I have been too embarrassed to admit too! Well here we go;

1. Robbie Savage – He may have hair like a girl and two left feet, but for me he is lovely.

2. Mr Bloom – He certainly does make CBeebies worth watching.

Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 12.58.33

3. Sean Lock – This I accept is a little strange, but he could laugh his way into my heart bed.

4. Ty Burrell – Who doesn’t love Phil?

5. John Bishop – You seeing a theme here? I do like a man who can make me laugh.

They may not be your mainstream heartthrobs, but they do it for me!

So then ladies and gentlemen, put your fear and shame aside and lay your cards on the table….who are on your ’Other’ Laminated List?

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4 Thoughts on “My ‘Other’ Laminated List

  1. Sean Lock and Ty Burrell!! YES YES YES!! I thought I was the only person to love them xx

  2. Rocknrollerbaby on October 1, 2014 at 8:44 pm said:

    Ok so… My REAL laminated list would be a small known west end actor that goes by the name of Robert Lonsdale (HOT), Mark Wright (was toying with putting him on ‘my other list as he is so challenged of the brain but his ‘hotness’ keeps him here), Joey Lawrence (OH MY GOODNESS he has blossomed since, well, Blossom), Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy indeed) and Johnny Borell (Can’t help it, still love a bad boy with a guitar)…

    Now for the next bit I am quite well versed. I used to work with a load of blokes who liked to play the game ‘would but shouldn’t’ and they used to get me to join in…

    So you asked for it… My odd bods, My ‘other list’… Here goes…

    Max from East Enders (I know, I have eyes, I see what you see but still, I can’t help it and when I saw him at Lollibop I almost fainted despite his (VERY) shit jeans), Philip Schofield (who doesn’t like a bit of Schof? When I was 6, my best friend (at the time) knocked herself out on the TV when we were playing a game of who can kiss him in the Broom cupboard first – clearly I won because she boinged off the screen leaving it wide open for me!), Michael McIntyre (I can’t explain), Art Malik (old enough to be my Father but still, WOW) and David Walliams. (Don’t even get it myself, really don’t but I would…)

    Thanks for bringing this to my place Alice your darling girl. Most enjoyable! ;-) Have to say though, Mr Bloom?! Seriously?! Surely Dr Range over the Bloomster? x

  3. Kate/WitWitWoo on October 2, 2014 at 10:38 am said:

    I keep seeing this Mr Bloom fella crop up! (pardon the pun) I think he’s currently shmoozing with Alice TJ! x

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