We haven’t had a buggy for 6 months now. O was just over 2 when our buggy days ended, our Quinny  had been around 6 years (serving three children along the way) and just wasn’t up for any more days of pounding the pavements with me and the minis. I contemplated getting another buggy, but it seamed such an expense for maybe only a few months use, plus O loved to walk and we would always have our Ergobaby Carrier for when those legs just couldn’t hack the distance we were covering that day.

O took this well, loving the freedom and embracing the chance to walk hand in hand with S like a big girl.  So I never looked back.  The underground became a breeze, I could use shops that didn’t have step free access and my boot was mine to fill with shopping bags once again.

Then last week I attended the launch of the new Bugaboo Bee3, and suddenly missed having a baby to put in a buggy.  It was the buggy that made a non buggy lover like me love buggies (try saying that after a glass of wine).  I would love to tell you all about the technical bits, like how the Bugaboo Bee3 has a larger basket underneath, it’s carrycot option and how it is still super compact, but really all you need to know is…

…look how pretty!


O spent most of the afternoon relaxing in it (well as much as you can relax when you have an army of children queuing up to push you). For a girl who was desperate to leave the buggy days behind, she was pretty damn quick to stake her claim on one of these for the afternoon.


For us I think the biggest question would be how much use would be made of a new buggy when we are sure that the baby days are over. However the Bugaboo Bee3 buggy board (that even 5-year-old S could sit on) and the spaciousness of the seat, meaning that O could use this buggy for a good few years yet, would certainly entice me to think about investing in this buggy even now we are into the pre-school stage.

Price wise I think you get what you pay for with things like this, and a buggy, especially a good one, can last for many children.

Would I get a new buggy now, probably not as I’m just not convinced O would be that keen to go in it very often….however I would love to have somewhere to put all the bags once more.

Decisions decisions.

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