Woohoo we have been invited to a party! I do bloody love a party.

To celebrate the launch of the amazing Sophia The First Micro Playsets, UKMums.TV are hosting a twitter party on Thursday 18th September between 4-6pm, and we are very excited by be attending while hosting our own little Sophia The First micro party of own.

Sophia The First Twitter Party

The invites have gone out to S’s friends for a princess tea party full of tiara sandwiches and glitter jelly – is there any other way to spend a Thursday evening when you are 5??

Sophia The First Micro Playsets

The Sophia The First micro playsets have been a big hit!! The Jewellery sets, each with their own micro figures that clip onto the bracelets/earrings/tiaras are at No1 on the toy playlist at Essex HQ this week. Priced at just £9.99 they are fab for school friend birthday gifts and stocking fillers. S has given matching ones to her two BFFs so they are now ‘Official Sophia The First Sisters’, which I think is just too damn cute!

photo 1

Little O has just entered into the princess phase and has fallen instantly in love with the Sofia the First Magic Wand. She has been waving her wand, complete with magical sounds and lights when it is moved, and saying ‘pretty kisses’ to each of us every time we walk into a room. She is normally wearing the Sophia The First Tiara set (shown above) while doing this. Such a character!

Sophia The First Micro Twitter Party

Make sure you are following the hashtag #sofiasmicroworld Thursday 18th September between 4-6pm to join in with some great fun and games and spot prizes! You can also visit DisneyJunior.co.uk for more fun Sofia (and all her Disney friends) activities and games.

Sophia The First Micro Twitter Party

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