We haven’t always got on. I haven’t always seen your point of view, and you certainly haven’t always seen mine.  But then how boring would life be if everyone were the same?

Life has been tough at times, but I know you have always lived yours with my needs at the forefront. We may not be conventional, but we are us, and that’s something I’m so very proud of.

You have always shown me how to be strong; sometimes by example, sometimes by allowing me to make the opposite choice you did.

As a child, and certainly as a teen, I didn’t always appreciate what you did to support me. The hours you worked and the tough choices you had to make to say no to me.  We grew up in different generations, with very different friends and family set-ups – it must have been hard to make the choices you had to for me, based on only the experiences you’d had in life without anyone to bounce ideas off of.

I realise this now, and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for the times I’ve told you I hate you.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, you annoy me more than anyone can on this planet and you have been known to drive me so mad that I hang up the phone swearing to never call you again.

But that isn’t because I hate you, it’s because I love you. Only someone you truly love could drive you that mad!

I will never understand some things that have happened between us, but I no longer want to either. The past is exactly that.

My children adore you, my husband respects you and I have made peace with the past and realise, despite the faults we both have, how lucky I am to have a Mother who has allowed me to make my own way in life and not dictate the path I must follow.

Screen shot 2014-09-12 at 21.05.55

So today, on the day we all wish you a Happy Birthday, I just want you to know that, while I may not be the best at telling you, you’re actually quite alright.

Happy Birthday Mum, and Up The O’s

Alice xxx

Its always nice to tell someone you love them! As can be seen by this lovely video from La Redoute

Who do you want to say ‘I Love You’ to today??

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