We are being supporters of the National Trust and have been talking about visiting Ickworth House for months, all we were waiting for was a gorgeous day weather-wise to enjoying the beautiful grounds.

This summer holiday sunshine has been just what we needed. A picnic and a visit to a National trust property – could we BE more British??

 Visiting Ickworth House National Trust

20140505-195118.jpgThis Georgian Italianate palace is a wonderful place for family day out set in the most beautiful English countryside. First up we took a look inside restored 1930s domestic  servants’ basement, learning all about the real stories and memories of former staff who kept this country estate running. The impressive showcase Rotunda at Ickworth, commmissioned by the 4th Earl of Bristol to house his priceless treasures collected on tours around Europe in the 18th-century, is an architectural marvel. To be honest I know next to nothing about architecture, but I know what look good and this building was simply stunning.

20140505-195204.jpgAfter soaking up the magnificent history of Ickworth we headed outside to explore the grounds. We played crocket on the lawn, which it turned out we are actually quite good at, and took a walk around the Italianate garden.20140505-195139.jpg

The grounds are vast and perfect for a picnic, and a visit to the children’s play area is a fantastic way to end the day. We would highly visiting Ickworth House, its a great place to explore the history of our great country and simply a fantastic backdrop to a wonderful family day out.

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