Festivals and children are a great mix! Even toddlers can appreciate the fun and festivities of such amazing events.  Plus with some careful planning, and strategic packing, they can also be a relatively stree-free way of spending time together as a family.

Aside from the normal packing lists needed for a spot of camping, these are my top 5 ‘must-packs’ for visiting a festival with my toddler.

Sun Tent

In hot weather a pop-up sun tent can be a great way to provide some shade, and in rubbish weather it can be a great way to keep them off the wet grass while still letting them have  some fresh air and freedom. This fab sun tent from Travel Essentials also doubles up as a travel cot which is a great space saver when packing up the car.

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 10.11.31

Pull Ups/Bed Mats

Tent and toilets blocks can spell a nightmare for potty training. Pull ups work great as a safety net overnight (as well as having a potty in the tent), but I also make sure I have  some DryNites Bed Mats with us to protect the airbeds and sleeping bags for the weekend.

Puddle Suits

These waterproof throw-overs are essential for the Great British weather.  Perfect for chucking over clothes when the rain appears, or just to have on during a spot of puddle jumping, this lovely suit from Regatta is a must have at Essex HQ.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 21.04.56



Tired legs need help, especially little ones. Buggies aren’t always the best on muddy festival terrain so a Radio Flyer is a great way to transport your children around the site.

Children Sleeping Bag

Made for smaller bodies, with easy reach zips, children sleeping bags are a must have for bigger toddlers who have out-grown their nursery gro-bags. Halfords carry a great range of colourful children’s sleeping bags that pack neatly into their own carry cases.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 21.13.00

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