Working within the world of blogging and media I have had some weird and wonderful opportunities come my way.  Some fun, some bizarre and some that money honestly could not buy.

One of the most exciting has to be the day I got to meet tennis coach, and mum to two Wimbledon champions, Judy Murray.  As a sports mad mum of two myself I was sure that my day would be spent nodding in agreement with all Judy had to say.  I was NOT disappointed.  Judy was lovely, so natural and friendly, with a genuine love of sport and strong desire to get all children enjoying being active. It was very clear to see that she had played an instrumental part in the sporting success of both of her sons.  Her enthusiasm was infectious. The day has had a lasting impression on me.

Robinsons Tennis-y Tips with Judy Murray

With Wimbledon upon us once again (does that mean the good weather is about to end?) Judy Murray has teamed up with Robinsons to show us all the skills needed to enhance our tennis games and general sporting abilities. She has created a series of Robinsons Tennis-y Tips with Judy Murray videos packed full of fab ideas on how best to include agility, co-ordination and movement skills into fun family games.

I love the idea of creating assault courses in the garden, letting the children show off their creative sides, and then racing each other. We are highly competitive here at Essex HQ so I’m sure there would leader boards and forfeits involved in our Robinsons games too!

We are currently immersed in a summer of sport; football, cricket, tennis and golf greet us at every turn. This is the perfect time to capture our children’s imaginations and show them how much fun can be had with an active lifestyle. And the fact that thanks to Judy this can be done as a family is even better.

And you never know….you could even be raising a future Wimbledon champion too.

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