After a few months off the #NYNYStyleProject is BACK…..and man are we excited about it!

Since Katy and myself left you last there have been new jobs (me), new hair (Katy) and a whole lot of new clothes and style heading into our lives.

The #NYNYStyleProject is BACK

As always the #NYNYStyleProject July will follow the same format; a daily list of prompts from which to take inspiration for your style. You don’t need to join in everyday (although if you wanted to, we would never say no!), it’s just a place for people to start and a way to help us all try new things and re-think our approach to daily style.

#NYNYStyleProject July

With prompts such as Sandals, Rainbow and Shine, #NYNYStyleProject July is  going to be a summertime affair, sure to flood your Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest feeds with so much juicy, sun-skissed goodness  you’ll think you are still of the beaches of Rio long after the England team plane touches down at Heathrow.

The #NYNYStyleProject is back


#NYNYStyleProject : How To Get Involved

Want in with #NYNYStyleProject? It couldn’t be easier. Look at that day’s prompt, find something within your wardrobe, jewellery box, shoe cabinet or accessories collection that represents this prompt to you and snap it. Share via social media with the #NYNYStyleProject hashtag and you are done. It really is that simple.

A quick search of the #NYNYStyleProject hashtag on Twitter and Facebook will show how much fun we had the first time….we cannot wait to get started all over again.

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One Thought on “The #NYNYStyleProject is BACK – #NYNYStyleProject July

  1. Kara on June 24, 2014 at 6:31 am said:

    I am excited to take part. Loved it

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