If you had told me 6 years ago I would return from a caravan holiday at Pendine Sands telling anyone who would listen how much I loved it,  I would have laughed in your face. In fact I would have been in hysterics at the thought of even going!  However along come children and your priories change and with that so does your idea of fun. Children make everything fun, no matter where you are, just with their infectious zest for life.

Take my two-year old for example; her idea of high-end entertainment? A washing up bowl with warm soapy water and three plastic cups.  Living the dream!

Anyway, back to the caravans.

As you probably all saw from the flood of Instgram images while away, and then my post full of holiday snaps on my return, last moth my lovely family and I spend a weekend in Wales as a pre 30th birthday celebration for little old me.

I was apprehensive before going, even wondering on the day we heading there if I should cancel, as I had never stayed in a caravan before and honestly was so unsure on what to expect.  I had vision of tiny bedrooms, cold drafts and dripping showers.

What we were greeted with however was a totally different story.

Parkdean Pendine Sands

I could go on and on about how much we loved Parkdean Pendine Sands….or I could just give you highlights and another load of fab photos.  In the interest of our busy lives, and the fact I really want you all to read this review and book a holiday to Pendine, I’m going for the highlights.

Parkdean Pendine Sands

The Accommodation

We stayed in a brand new ‘Carmarthen’ caravan that arrived on the site for 2014.  The living area was huge, bigger than cottages we have stayed in before. The kitchen was stocked with all the equipment needed to cook and serve for a family of 8, and of a higher standard than some of the budget accommodation I have used at CenterParcs over the years.  It was spotlessly clean, comfortable and really homely.  Our three bedrooms were ready on arrival with fully made up beds (you just need to bring your own towels). The girls had a single bed each (with a spare bed in each room as they were both twins) and their own shower and toilet room. We had a double bedroom at the other end of the van with an en suite and fitted wardrobe.  Our stay was only for two nights, but with space like this I would certainly say a weeks holiday would be doable without cabin fever setting in.

The Beach

Parkdean Pendine Sands

Just a stones throw away was the beach.  Now this was no ordinary beach, this was the beach of fairytales and wildest dreams.  It went of forever (literally as far as the eye could see) and the sand was golden and soft.  When the tide is out it’s a good 15 minute walk from the shore to the water’s edge!  Alongside the beach you will find a coastal path that leads you up the cliffs and over to an equally beautiful beach, with completely breath-taking views on the way.  It’s steep and uneven in places but we managed it with a 5 and 2-year-old on foot, so I highly recommend it as a family activity.

Parkdean Pendine Sands

The Pool

This indoor pool was just the right size for families.  The lifeguards limited the amount of people who were allowed in at one time, so there was never any worry of over crowding, which was a big plus point for us, especially if we were to visit again during the school holidays.

The Clubhouse

This was the part of the holiday I was dreading the most.  I was imagining grim food and entertainment straight of our Phoenix Nights!  To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. We spent Saturday evening in the clubhouse, had a delicious dinner, played bingo (for the first time ever!) and then watch a Jersey Boys tribute act that were actually pretty great.  Granted I wouldn’t choose to spend every Saturday evening there, but it was great for the children, the kids disco was fantastically organised and got everyone involved, and we all had a throughly fun time.


The Staff

Now this was the jewel in the Parkdean Pendine Sands crown.  The staff were the most attentive, friendly, informative staff I have ever come across on holiday.  The management knew we were reviewing the park, but the lifeguards, kids club staff and general staff we met did not. But there honestly was no difference in the level of service we received from any of them.  This is what has left a lasting impression me and, and the main reason why I would recommend Parkdean Pendine Sands to anyone who asks.

Would I  go on another caravan holiday? Yes, if you can promise that it’s with Parkdean. It really was the perfect way to spend my last weekend of my 20′s.  It may not have been 7-star luxury in Dubai or the bright lights of Vegas….but there was sunshine, sand and the three most important people in the world to me. And that, when all is said and done, is all I ever need.

Thank you so much to Parkdean Pendine Sands for our stay. We cannot wait to see you all again soon.

Parkdean Pendine Sands

Disclaimer – we were guests of Parkdean on this visit but all views are our own.


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2 Thoughts on “Parkdean Pendine Sands

  1. Kelly Jackson on June 14, 2014 at 9:19 pm said:

    I personally LOVE travelling the world, but I think camping/caravan holidays are so underrated! Theres something so nostalgic about it all. You can be the most seasoned traveller in the world, and still not be able to deny you love walking around the site early doors with everyone saying ‘morning’ and going to the clubhouse for bingo.
    I think all kids should go on at least one caravan holiday no matter how well off they are, just to experience the sense of community of making friends with the emplacement next to you and playing cards on the decking with the outdoor light on and a few drinks!

    I actually think camping in Trevornik in Cornwall was one of my best holidays so far!!

    • AnEssexWife on June 14, 2014 at 9:51 pm said:

      I honestly couldn’t agree with this more. I have always loved camping, the early dewy morning walking round the campsite, feeling so relaxed. The girls loved the caravan and want to go back….who am I to say no to having more adventures.

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