Last weekend we were invited down to check out the great Kids Eat Free At Maze London offer. Here is how we got on…

I see London as one big adventure.  30 years of living only a train ride away and magic still hasn’t worn off.  If I am ever feeling down or uninspired, a walk though London, come rain or shine, never fails to pick me up and deliver me right back to my happy place safe and sound.

Since the girls came along London has been viewed through fresh eyes.  The wonder and magic of this big city was reborn with them. Every visit is new, exciting, fresh.

Walking through the street of London you can be overwhelmed with choices. Where to shop, where to visit, where to stay, where to eat. The opportunities are quite honestly endless.  The only problem with limitless choices is that you can sometimes be given too much. It becomes impossible to make a decision and you end up sticking with your old trusty haunts.

Trying something new can be a gamble with little people in tow, and a costly gamble at that.  Eating out is treat for us (one that we spoil ourselves with quite often, but a treat none the less), so we like to try new places and explore all the cuisine this great capital has to offer.

Kids Eat Free At Maze

Kids Eat Free At Maze London

When I heard about the great Kids Eat Free at Maze London offer running each weekend I knew that I had to check it out.

Drawing inspiration from the very best of New York joints, Maze Grill offers diners a menu packed with the very best meat and steak offerings. The staff are experts when it comes to what breeds and cuts are best, even bringing out the meat to our table to talk us through the options. There are also Sushi platters available to be ordered from the main Maze restaurant with which Maze Grill shares a building.

Kids Eat Free At Maze London

After looking at this eclectic menu I was surprised to see that the children menu only had three options, and none of which were smaller versions of dishes that featured on the main menu. As much as I would like to have seen a wider variety of food for the children it does have to be said that the food on offer are firm favourites and both children meals our party ordered (Pasta and Sausages) were cooked to perfection and devoured by the smaller guests at the table. The grown ups both ordered Chicken Ceaser Salads, which were the perfect lunchtime treat, and the sides of chips and mac’n'cheese went down a storm.

kids eat free at maze

Maze Gril is wonderfully located behind Oxford St, making it a great spot for a post shopping treat or a pre-shopping lunch.  Our bill was around ¬£80 (excluding drinks) which is a little on the expensive side for a family lunch, but the food on offer certainly is worth the money.


Thank you very much to Katy for inviting me along and to Maze Grill for your wonderful hospitality and credit towards the bill. We cannot wait to come back and see you all again soon.

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One Thought on “Kids Eat Free At Maze London

  1. Rebecca U on June 3, 2014 at 5:11 pm said:

    I do find myself going to the same old restaurants each time I go to London (I live in Surrey) but will add this one to the list x

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